ATICOOL – Flat is an attic apartment located in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by Insayn Design Society in 2021.

It is a cool and modern living space that combines simplicity and elegance with an electric atmosphere. It features an amazing terrace with a concrete BBQ, solar shower and exterior living area. Every piece of furniture was carefully chosen to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Come explore ATICOOL – Flat and electrify your way inside!

About Aticool

Bringing Fun and Electricity to the ATICOOL

Our French client loves nothing more than playing music with friends, enjoying the sun, and sipping tasty drinks. His personality inspired the design concept of his ATICOOL home.

Downstairs, the first floor features a large kitchen that opens to the dining room, a living room adjacent to the DJ booth area, and two double bedrooms with their own bathrooms and walk-in closets. Upstairs, a single bedroom with a home office and bathroom opens to the terrace with its own BBQ, solar shower, outdoor living area, and a covered dining table.

Creating an Elegant Minimalist Carapace

The ATICOOL’s design concept combines the energy of Barcelona – which the client fell in love with – with unique shapes, colors, and corners. Every detail was chosen with care, each piece of furniture adding to the balanced elegance of the electric atmosphere. From the cool beige tones like Café con leche to the light and electric blues of the stairs, the interior of the ATICOOL seamlessly transitions from subtle to vibrant.

The Staircase: The Centerpiece of the Home

The standout feature of the ATICOOL is the staircase, with its own personality and peculiar shape. Wrapped in the electric blues of the stairs, visitors ascend to the oasis of the second floor terrace. Here, they can soak up the sun amongst plants, cool down in the shower, or enjoy a BBQ on the concrete. No matter how you decide to spend your time, the ATICOOL offers a unique and exciting experience.

Photography by Marc Nogue – 20cmStudio

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