Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Adi Aronov‘s architectural masterpiece, “Architecture in Kfar Masaryk,” a contemporary two-story house nestled in the lush landscape of Israel’s western Galilee. This stunning residence defies the standard Kibbutz style, offering a refreshing and innovative oasis for a high-tech professional couple.

Experience the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, bright and airy interiors, and a harmonious connection with the surrounding nature in this one-of-a-kind haven.

About Architecture in Kfar Masaryk

Exquisite Architecture in Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk

In recent years, exquisite architecture and meticulous design have become a major focus for many Israelis, no matter where they are in the country. A perfect example of this trend is a property located in Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk in the western Galilee. Esteemed architect Adi Aronov planned and designed this stunning home for a hi-tech professional couple.

Breaking Kibbutz Conventions

After living in a small standard Kibbutz property, the couple won the bid for this plot. Their dream was to build an elegant and spacious home, entirely different from the Kibbutz standard. To make their dream a reality, they sought an architect who could break conventions and create a home that would be a “game changer” in its surroundings. That’s when Aronov entered the picture.

Navigating Challenges and Committees

The project faced many challenges and required numerous reviews, committees, and approvals. Despite the lengthy process, the project took four years to complete. However, the results were worth the wait, as Aronov’s project represents the changes the Kibbutz system has undergone in recent years.

A Harmonious Blend of Traditional and Modern Design

Aronov designed the property to blend harmoniously with its surroundings while still providing a cozy, spacious, and bright home. The east-facing facade, overlooking a cluster of old-build properties, was modestly designed to ensure it blended with the traditional Kibbutz scenery. In contrast, the west-facing facade tells a different story, featuring a frame running the entire external length of the property and louvered ventilation panels that give a sense of volume and space.

Maximizing Natural Light and Connection to Nature

Throughout the planning stages, Aronov sought to maximize natural daylight, treating the sun as a lighting fixture. Large windows that overlook the surrounding greenery replace walls in the living room, creating a sense of lightness and spaciousness. The connection between the interior and exterior is practically seamless, with the patio bringing the outdoors into the house.

Elegant Interior Design Choices

Inside the home, Aronov designed impressive bespoke carpentry units, adding style and function. The kitchen features champagne-colored stainless-steel cabinets, dotted with white-gloss storage cubes, and gray marble for the island worktop. In the living room, a deep navy velvet sofa and dusty pink loveseat provide comfortable seating for entertaining. The master bedroom offers a wonderful flow between the interior and exterior, with parquet floors adding warmth to the room.

A Bold and Luxurious Top Level

Accessed via a steel staircase with floating wooden treads, the top level of the home includes two children’s bedrooms and an unusual bathroom with black marble floors and veined white marble walls. Golden taps and lighting fixtures throughout the property add to the luxurious, bold look.

A Welcomed Change in Kibbutz Architecture

This breathtaking property is an absolute gem in the old Kibbutz, adding character, style, and courage to the place. As people are exposed to various styles and endless design options, the standards of architecture in such locations evolve. This property can be seen as the manifestation of a very welcomed change, as summarized by Aronov.

Photography by Oded Smadar

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