Welcome to Apartments Near The River 2, a luxurious oasis designed by Miglė Gruodytė in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Nestled near the city center, these lavish apartments are perfect for young families seeking a peaceful and cozy retreat. Step inside to discover cream-colored interiors, elegant design elements, and a harmonious blend of materials and colors that create an inviting atmosphere. Redesigned in 2021, this stunning property is a true gem in the charming city of Vilnius.

About Apartments Near The River 2

Creating a Peaceful and Cozy Atmosphere

Crafting these apartments proved to be an incredibly enjoyable process. Designed for a young family, this city-center home needed to emanate a unique aura of tranquility and comfort. Dudesign studio has previously worked with these clients, who expressed a desire for a gentle, cream-colored interior featuring luxurious elements. They entrusted us with the entire creative process.

Achieving a Harmonious Design through Material and Color Selection

In this project, we paid close attention to the principle of material and color harmony. Our primary goal was to establish a mood and ambiance using subtle tones, shades, and materials. As a result, only a few bright accents are noticeable throughout the interior.

Photography courtesy of Miglė Gruodytė

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