Discover the vibrant Apartments in Užupis, an eclectic modern haven nestled in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania. Designed by Miglė Gruodytė and inspired by Parisian Montmartre, this stunning apartment complex boasts a unique blend of classic and modern elements.

Experience the rich green hues, wood and stone textures, and a soothing atmosphere within these contemporary homes perfect for young families.

About Apartments in Užupis

Vilnius Užupis reminded us of the Parisian Montmartre, therefore, when creating a home for a young family, we added classic and eclectic elements to the interior, which stand out through color and material combinations and wall decoration. Although the interior is full of contrasts and bright colors, there is a general sense of calm, which we helped to create with dark, rich materials, wood and stone textures and rich green color. Customers wanted to hide things as much as possible, so that they could maintain the impression of a “photoshoot” interior in everyday life as well.”

Photography courtesy of Miglė Gruodytė

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