Apartment Tõnismägi Premium is a cozy, colourful home in Tallinn, Estonia, designed by Ljudmila Funika-Müür in 2021.


The interior design of a modern city center apartment was designed with the needs of a family of three person and a little baby. The relatively complex floor plan of the apartment required a smart and rational arrangement of custom furniture and catalogue furniture, which resulted a more spacious kitchen area with a hallway. The scarce but essential furniture selection in the living room is made with the aim of leaving as much free space as possible for everyday activities. A cozy, colorful and solid interior has been created taking into account the specific features of the apartment. The color range flows smoothly from one room to another, bouncing playfully both in the wall finish and in the choice of furnishings. Calm halftones help to relax, and contrasting accents connect with the architecture of the building.

Photography courtesy of Ljudmila Funika-Müür

Visti Ljudmila Funika-Müür

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