In Milan’s upscale districts, Desearq Studio‘s Apartment SV39 emerges as a modern design masterpiece. Once overlooked, this top-floor apartment underwent a revolutionary transformation in 2021.

A redesigned veranda, harmonious contrasts, and multifunctional spaces that blend the indoors with a magnificent external terrace are key highlights.

About Apartment SV39

Rediscovering Milan’s Architectural Gem

Nestled in the heart of Milan’s most elegant districts stands a once-forgotten top-floor apartment. Initially, it greeted us with visible signs of neglect. However, the client’s vision aimed to unveil its untapped potential, apparent yet challenging to envision.

Bridging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

We promptly undertook the renovation of the apartment’s veranda, transforming it into a multifunctional area that seamlessly blends with the stunning external terrace. This renovation expanded the apartment’s interior by reclaiming the loft space behind the apartment, subsequently introducing a spacious living area and a bedroom with an adjoining petite walk-in closet.

The Innovative Veranda Transformation

The original veranda underwent a complete overhaul. Consequently, we positioned a central kitchen island with a table directly overlooking the outdoor zone. Thanks to sliding fixtures, this space effortlessly transitions from an indoor setting during winter to a hybrid indoor-outdoor ambiance in favorable seasons.

Harmonious Contrast: Our Signature Approach

Our design philosophy revolves around “harmonious contrast.” This is evident in the juxtaposition of the apartment’s bright interiors with the voluminous, predominantly black exterior of the veranda. This motif is subtly echoed in elements of both the living and sleeping areas.

An Outdoor Oasis in Milan’s Heart

The external terrace takes on a dual role, merging with the veranda and kitchen. In warmer seasons, this terrace evolves into a secondary living space, a reclaimed jewel in Milan’s core.

Photography courtesy of Desearq Studio

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