Discover the Apartment Restoration in Turin, a contemporary property designed by Studio Ellisse Architetti located in Turin, Italy.

Nestled in a particularly fascinating area of the city, the building is a stone’s throw from Parco del Valentino and the river Po. Boasting a bright and cozy interior, the square-plan apartment features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open kitchen with a worktop and dining table, as well as a living room. Sophisticated details and traditional materials, such as terracotta tiles, cocciopesto lime plasters, and Botticino marble floor, have been used to create harmonious and warm environments with a clear link between Western and Eastern culture. The property has been restored in 2022 and the result is an impressive, modern home with a unique atmosphere.

About Apartment Restoration in Turin

A Peaceful Retreat in Turin: A Bright and Cozy Home with an Eastern Flair

The Existing Home

This 1970s building in Turin is conveniently located near Parco del Valentino and the Po River (approx. 2.5 km). The square-shaped apartment boasted a large entrance hall, a double bedroom, a narrow bathroom, a kitchen, and a large living room which overlooked a tree-lined avenue.

Customer Requests

The customer requested a few updates to the home to make it more functional and to reflect their appreciation for Eastern culture. They asked for an additional bathroom and bedroom, made-to-measure furnishings to create a harmonious environment, and to use non-toxic, local, durable materials of “natural” origin.

The Intervention

We took this renovation as an opportunity to incorporate traditional materials that are aesthetically and physically pleasing, interpreted in a more contemporary way for a city apartment. Attention to detail and skilled craftsmen achieved the desired result.

The interior layout was modified to create a central nucleus of two bathrooms, one of which served the master bedroom, an open kitchen with worktop and dining table, and an open and permeable living room. The closet area and laundry room were located in the anteroom, while the former kitchen was converted into a single bedroom.

The walls of the central nucleus were built with terracotta tiles, a local and non-toxic material with a strong aesthetic impact. This material was also used to create self-supporting partitions between the bathrooms, living room, and master bedroom.

The terracotta tones guided the selection of cocciopesto lime plasters in the bathrooms, which were made waterproof for the sinks and shower. The tints were a special blend of lime paint with a fine canapulo-based inert, which changed depending on the position of the observer.

A large corner cabinet in solid ash treated with natural paint black based on lime, casein, and protected with a mixture of oils, completed the look. Two Asian-style sliding doors partially closed off the shelves behind. This piece of furniture was mainly designed to be open and acted as a counterpoint to the large existing wardrobe in the entrance.

The white Botticino marble floor from Brescia quarries was left unchanged, while the rest of the floors were replaced with oil-finished industrial oak tiles. The bathrooms featured a lime, oiled, and waxed mortar.

Photography by Barbara Corsico

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