Discover the chic and inviting Apartment in Ashdod, a stunning minimalist redesign by ReMa Architects in the heart of Israel’s bustling coastal city.

Seamlessly blending form and function, this apartment effortlessly unites the kitchen and living room, creating a warm and welcoming space that’s perfect for hosting friends and family. In this post, we take a closer look at the clever design choices that make this minimalist apartment truly stand out.

About Apartment in Ashdod

Innovative Kitchen Island Design

When Rechter-Rubinstein began designing, she understood that a detail-free island would result in a cramped and uncomfortable living room. So, she proposed an island featuring a stove and a sink. To maintain separation, she designed a decorative partition between the island and the living room, hiding any kitchen clutter while providing an open view of the entire house for the cook.

Seamless Integration with Living Room

The architect added seating at the end of the island for quick, casual meals, pairing it with granite gray bar stools that matched the island. She painted the kitchen cabinets in two colors: granite gray for one section and an elegant light wood color for the portion facing the living room. The cabinets mimic a bookshelf, making the kitchen appear as a natural extension of the living room. The wood color repeats at the entrance and throughout the living room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Disguised Range Hood and Cozy Living Space

Above the island, Rechter-Rubinstein installed a hood that resembles a lamp, allowing it to serve as a design element for the living room rather than an obvious kitchen feature. The spacious public area includes a cozy living room, featuring two large seating systems in varying shades, and a generous rug that delineates and defines the space.

Photography courtesy of ReMa Architects

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