Step into the harmonious world of the Apartment for a Young Family, a modern gem designed by Miglė Gruodytė in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Known for its stunning Baroque architecture, Vilnius is the perfect backdrop for this cozy abode that seamlessly blends minimalist design with natural elements. Be captivated by the warm combination of white and wood, as well as the intricate French herringbone flooring and unique, locally-sourced clay plaster.

About Apartment for a Young Family

A Warm and Serene Interior Design

Discover the warmth and tranquility of this beautifully designed space, where a soothing blend of white, wood textures, and hidden LED lighting creates a calm and inviting atmosphere. The well-chosen textiles, tapestries, and textured surfaces breathe life into the room.

Natural Clay Plaster and Textured Tiles

The interior features a unique wall with a slightly rough surface, coated in natural clay plaster sourced from Lithuania. Paired with textured tiles evoking the appearance of beach sand, these elements contribute to the room’s serene ambiance.

The Elegance of a French Herringbone Floor

Capturing our attention is the sophisticated French herringbone-patterned floor, which offers an unexpected contrast to the minimalist staircase design. The staircase serves as the focal point of the entire first floor, seamlessly dividing the living and dining areas from the kitchen.

Photography courtesy of Miglė Gruodytė

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