Apartment AL is a beautiful home located in Martina Franca, Italy, redesigned in 2019 by ABBW Angelo Bruno Building Workshop.


The project consists of the renovation of an apartment of about 100 square meters in a 2007 building in Martina Franca (TA).

Building works were kept to a minimum: the two small service rooms in the sleeping area were merged and reorganized to accommodate a large walk-in closet serving the master bedroom.

Interior design interventions such as small plasterboard works and the choice of some finishes directed the apartment toward a style more relevant to the young client. In particular, the main bathroom, which was messy in the composition of the elements and outdated from an aesthetic point of view, was set up with a new layout that made it possible to make full use of the available space by inserting a full-height custom-made closet and replacing the bathtub with a comfortable shower with chromotherapy. Minimal elements such as the corian sink and black furniture elements are enhanced by the textural background of chocolate-colored microcement that penetrates the lowered ceiling.

The entire sleeping area was unified by integrating the same essence of parquet: a choice that made the environment relaxing, refined and contemporary.

The walk-in closet was made entirely to measure in matte lacquered wood in mink and white colors; a track-mounted LED spot system gives diffuse lighting that can also be enjoyed from the bedroom through a minimally designed glass door.

The living area, configured as an open space, follows a compositional scheme such that the furniture, already chosen by the client, is perfectly integrated. The use of wallpapers with a significant graphic impact (in the living room and bedroom) and curtains with a sophisticated design, moreover, give character to each room.

This led to the study of every detail, from the sofa to the tableware, from the light fixtures to the paintings: a complete concept that transformed this bare and anonymous apartment into a pleasant and tasteful home.

Photography courtesy of Angelo Bruno Building Workshop

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