Dive into the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil—a city renowned for its vibrant arts scene and rich history. Here, in 2022, 0E1 Arquitetos showcased their prowess by transforming AP MEL, a modern-styled apartment.

Designed for a family of four, it masterfully bridges spaces like the patio, living area, and kitchen. With a delicate blend of organic materials and an intimate touch, every room resonates with the personal flair of its inhabitants.

About AP MEL

Family-Centric Design at Its Best

This apartment, designed to house a couple and their two children, emphasizes family togetherness. Moreover, it masterfully bridges the patio, living area, and kitchen. Instead of stark partitions, the spaces flow subtly. Transitions come either through shifting materials or slight alterations in ceiling height.

Organic Material Palette

An organic material palette reigns supreme here. Cabinetry boasts natural veneers, while countertops feature Brazilian stones. Additionally, retail furniture shines with fine woods and natural fabrics.

Personal Touches in Intimate Spaces

In the private quarters, we collaborated with the clients. Our shared goal? To reflect each family member’s unique personality in their rooms. This customization shines through both in finish colors and chosen textures and objects.

Photography courtesy of 0E1 Arquitetos

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