Discover the serene beauty of AP / Krustova Vada, an apartment designed by Makeroom Architects in Sofia, Bulgaria. Located in the tranquil foothills of Vitosha Mountain, this 2021 modern masterpiece exemplifies minimalism with a twist. Natural materials and a light color palette infuse a soothing, homely ambiance, perfectly balancing visual calm with measured accents.

About AP / Krustova Vada

Dive into the exquisite AP / Krustova Vada, a testament to modern living nestled in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Designed by the visionary Makeroom Architects in 2021, each space within the apartment weaves functionality with aesthetic splendor, offering an inside look at contemporary elegance.

A Living Space Defined by Light and Texture

The journey begins in the living room, where sunlight dances on the herringbone floor. Here, Makeroom Architects’ intent for tranquility and minimalist charm is palpable. Clean lines and a muted color palette create a canvas for life’s moments, while the careful play of light and shadow adds depth to the simplicity.

Culinary Craftsmanship in Compact Luxury

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality meets sophistication. The modern culinary space maximizes its compact layout without sacrificing style. Marble countertops juxtaposed with pristine cabinetry reflect a commitment to sleek design, and the golden pendant lights offer a warm, inviting glow.

Intimate Whimsy in a Child’s World

In the child’s room, imagination takes center stage. A large, playful cat mural gazes out from the wall, a whimsical touch that contrasts with the room’s soft, natural tones. This space is a cozy cocoon for dreams, carefully crafted to nurture creativity and comfort.

Restful Elegance in the Master Suite

The master bedroom is a study in serene sophistication. Soft textiles, a plush bed, and a minimalist desk create a harmonious balance. Here, the calm palette continues, proving that in design, as in life, less can indeed be more.

Bathing Beauty: A Sanctuary of Style

The narrative concludes in the bathroom, where elegance is in the details. Gold fixtures add a touch of luxury to the marble-clad walls, creating a chic space that serves both as a daily necessity and a personal retreat.

This apartment, with each room thoughtfully designed, stands as a beacon of modern architecture and design, inviting residents and guests alike to find peace and beauty in its spaces.

Photography courtesy of Makeroom Architects

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