In the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil, renowned for its rich culture and vibrant arts scene, the 200m² (2,153ft²) AP Cabral apartment stands out. Designed by 0E1 Arquitetos in 2022, this modern living space offers a unique blend of intimate and social areas.

Tailored for a young couple, the apartment balances these dual needs effortlessly, making room for both private moments and lively gatherings. Key alterations, like the relocated entrance door, enhance the flow, while natural curupixá wood and polished cement floors anchor its aesthetic, punctuated by colorful elements that echo the family’s lively spirit.

About AP Cabral

Revitalizing a 200m² (2,153ft²) Apartment Space

A 200m² (2,153ft²) apartment was redesigned for a young couple. They had a unique challenge: carve out separate social and intimate spaces while ensuring a warm environment for various gatherings. Specific infrastructure changes and floor plan designs met the clients’ needs. Notably, relocating the main entrance door became the most significant alteration. This move shaped a welcoming hall, seamlessly connecting the social zone with service entrances and intimate areas. Consequently, the apartment’s circulation and dynamics transformed.

Natural Aesthetics with a Modern Twist

Natural curupixá wood panels and polished cement floors define the space’s materiality. These neutral elements harmoniously incorporate colorful touches, vividly reflecting the family’s personality.

Photography by Cristiano Bauce

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