An Environmentally Friendly Property to Call Home is a lovely Scandinavian-style home located in Natoor, Israel, designed by Inon Ben David.


Being a well-respected architect sometimes means doing it for yourself. Arch. Yinon Ben David did just that and created a stunning home for his family

Approximately 3 years ago, architect Yinon Ben David purchased a 1.5-acre property in Natoor, a village located in the Israeli Golan Heights. Ben David had a view of turning it into a 175 sqm dream home for his family. Both the planning and construction took a year each to complete.

As someone who believes in the authenticity of materials and holds a strategic approach to environmental planning, the architect created a modest Nordic-style property with an ecological wood facade that contributes to its overall effect. “I wanted the property to feel like one out of ‘Little House on the Prairie’”, He explains. “Modest, and respectful of the view and its surroundings”.

Ben-David goes on to explain: “The planning and construction were relatively straightforward. I followed my personal truth. I wanted a house that was perfect in terms of its features, as well as its design. A cozy home that connects us to nature, using as many natural materials as possible and a soft color palette that complements the view and allows it to be the main focus”.

The house is visually simple and was designed with a modest front facade. However, the rear of the property is much more impressive, designed to be open and inviting. With large windows facing the view of the surrounding fields and the main garden, in a manner that practically brings the views into the living space itself.

The entrance to the property is in fact a roofed terrace where the family spends much of its time. The area has been fitted with a concrete alcove, as well as a bench that doubles as storage space.

An impressive wooden front door with a glass frame welcomes visitors. The area between the kitchen and the lounge is visible upon entry and a stunning view can be seen through a large window. To the right, an exposed concrete feature wall extends to the top of the property until it meets with the sloping ceiling. A nook, which can be accessed by a ladder, was created at the top to store books and display plants. Further along is a back corridor leading to the bedrooms.

It was decided against putting a television in the living room, to allow the view to be the main focus of the space. The color scheme in this area is based on grays and browns with concrete style flooring made of granite porcelain and a Moroccan rug that injects warmth into the space.

The sloping roof that continues into the property was exposed in various places around the house and is used for storage as well as concealing a variety of systems. The same sloping roof continues outdoors across two facades of the property.

The kitchen was fitted at the heart of the property with a large spacious island in its center made of European Oak and designed by Ben-David himself. The kitchen too is minimalist, displaying a color scheme of cashmere grays with wooden touches that blend with the wood used for the roof creating a harmonious feel.

To the right of the kitchen, the architect planned a conservatory that overlooks the view and serves as the dining area. A unique room that holds a dialogue with the view in a way that allows you to feel as though you are in fact outdoors. The dining area doors open into the back garden and a seating area that overlooks the view and is used by the family as it’s the main outdoor area.

The family room is located between the kids’ bedrooms and the master bedroom. It is a very spacious room that overlooks the garden and continues the flow of the materials used throughout the property, focusing on wood and soft color schemes. This room includes the TV and kids’ play area.

Photography by Shai Epshtain

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