An Elegant Affair is a contemporary three-story residence located in Malaysia, designed by IQI Concept.


This three-storey semi-detached house has been renovated to give it a fresh face-lift. This house has a unique approach, where it appears to be a double-story facade from the front, while it actually consists of 3 stories in total as it is built on a slope.

Utilizing the natural ambiance of the building architecture, the limitation of the existing building structure and the imagination daily life story living in this building turned home, we have remodeled the spatial usage and layout of the entire unit.

With the land available at the side of the house, we extended the common area to include a chill-out area and a practical wet kitchen, providing additional living space for the family. Drenched in a soothing neutral shades, the common areas are imbued with a sense of understated elegance.

A stairway down to the basement was built next to the wet kitchen with the idea of providing direct access to the basement without entering the home. To facilitate the flow of natural light, ventilation blocks were chosen as the stair wall.

Featuring a darker theme, the basement lounge area provides an intimate and inviting ambiance for the client to host their guests.

For the master bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe features an open concept that connects to the bathroom, offering the convenience of dressing for the day after taking a relaxing shower.

Photography courtesy of IQI Concept

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