Amoreiras 43 is a traditional house located in Lisbon, Portugal, redesigned in 2020 by Pedro Carrilho Arquitectos.


The Amoreiras 43 project proposes the rehabilitation of a small building, without much history, for a single family house, which is spread over several floors and has an outdoor patio with garden and a pool.

Among the interventions, the requalification of the south gable as a main façade is evident, evident after the demolition of an adjoining building, in order to fit in with the rhythm of the façades of the street. The works to reorganize the GCP square and the construction of the underground parking lot, further emphasized the importance of resolving this end of the block with the building nº 43.

Thus, a continuity design with the original construction was proposed, without resorting to the monotonous repetition of the openings, and a hierarchical composition structure was chosen, in which each floor presents itself to the square in a different way.

Photography by Francisco Nogueira

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