A 121 House is a simple modern house located in Bandung, Indonesia, designed in 2022 by E.RE Studio Architects.


A simple house designed to accommodate 2 senior people for their retirement & to enjoy time with their grandchildren. We created an easily digested space, mostly located on the 1st floor. Most functions must be easily accessed & not too far to reach. The area was built “not too spacious” but also “not too small” at the same time.

Natural lighting & air circulation are clearly main factors on how the house was planned. The design allowed maximum morning natural light penetration into the interior from the east direction. This will warm up the interior space nicely after a cold 16-18 degree celsius night. The cross air ventilation through all window openings will help to bring down daytime temperature to a comfortable level at 24-25 degree celsius.

The design language of the building itself is very simple, honest without too much additional makeup. There is only one statement from the concrete frame wall upfront as the main highlight. The framed wall is actually designed to bind the whole facade altogether.

Photography courtesy of E.RE Studio Architects

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