Discover the transformative elegance of 80 8th Office, where history meets modernity in the heart of New York’s Chelsea district. Re: Design Architects masterfully preserved the legacy of the 1920s, once graced by Governor Al Smith, blending it with contemporary comforts.

The enduring Art Deco elements shine against the backdrop of the restored wood paneling, now the highlight of the main conference room. Modern updates like a sleek new kitchen and chic breakout areas elevate the workspace, while the iconic stone archway entrance now frames a cozy seating nook.

Step inside this historic yet modern office where past and present form a seamless tapestry of design excellence.

About 80 8th Office

Reviving the Grandeur of Chelsea’s Art Deco Jewel

Once the prestigious office of New York governor Al Smith in the roaring 1920s, the GFP Real Estate’s Chelsea office building stands as a testament to time. Seamlessly, it has transitioned into a modern workspace while honoring its Art Deco roots. Restorers meticulously revived the original wood paneling, which now serves as an elegant backdrop in the main conference room.

Furthermore, the building has embraced modernity. A chic new kitchen now caters to contemporary tastes, and elevated breakout spaces foster collaboration and comfort. Additionally, the majestic stone archway entrance, a hallmark of its storied past, now invites visitors into a cozy new seating area, blending tradition with today’s design ethos.

This careful balance of past and present ensures that every corner of the space pays homage to its historic legacy while meeting the demands of current work culture. With these enhancements, the Chelsea office building not only preserves history but also enriches the modern-day experience.

Photography courtesy of Re: Design Architects

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