Delve into the breathtaking 5BHK Residence, a 3,500 sq.ft. haven, meticulously crafted by Shreenu Mukherjee of The Vrindavan Project in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Imbued with a philosophy of conscious awareness, Mukherjee’s design melds luxury and style in an elegant dance of durability and timeless beauty. Central to this design is the thoughtful use of locally sourced stones, an ode to India’s rich geological heritage.

From marbles and granites to sandstones, each element has been chosen for both its aesthetic appeal and thermal efficiency, resulting in a home that offers cool respite during scorching summers and snug warmth in the chill of winter.

About 5BHK residence

Unveiling the Elegance of ‘Style and Luxury’

Immerse yourself in the innovative design philosophy of Shreenu Mukherjee. Her focus is redefining ‘Style and Luxury’ through the lens of ‘Conscious Awareness’.

The Vrindavan Project: An Ode to Grace and Durability

The Vrindavan Project emphasizes the creation of sophisticated spaces adorned with graceful elements. Here, beauty is in the details. Importantly, this design ethos is harmoniously balanced with robust durability, ensuring lasting appeal in every component.

Merging Personal History and Architecture in Gurugram

At the heart of a gated community in Gurugram city lies a 3,500 Sq.Ft (approximately 32,291 sq ft) 5-bedroom residence. Shreenu Mukherjee meticulously designed this home for Mrs. Ritu Kalra, the very client who had earlier engaged her for the design of Koko Pizzeria, a café completed in 2015.

A Homely Canvas for Fashion and Lifestyle

The home’s photography, eloquently captured by Shamanth Patil J, features fashion model Ayesha Kalra, our client’s daughter. This not only adds a unique glimpse into the space but also entwines the narrative of its residents’ lifestyle.

Sculpting Opulence with Stone

In her work, Shreenu Mukherjee masterfully employs stone – from locally sourced marbles to granites and sandstones – as a pivotal structural and surface finish material. Through its rough, smooth, and polished textures, stone, in all its contrasting colors, becomes an expressive medium.

Exploring the Aesthetics and Functionality of Stone

Beyond its visual allure, the rich and vibrant stone masonry boasts a tangible functionality. The substantial thickness and thermal mass provided by these bulk volumes contribute to effective insulation. They maintain the home’s coolness during summer, and in winter, they aid in heat retention.

Photography by Shamanth Patil J

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