40+ Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is where we invite our guests and family. It’s where we gather to watch TV in the evening and at almost any time of the day. It is important to choose the decor very well for this room. Living room decorating ideas are a concept in which there are so many styles to choose from. We have tried to bring you a selection of the best living room decorating ideas so that almost anyone can choose from them.

1. DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder Living Room Decorating Ideas

DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder

This is a cheap solution for a blanket ladder as it only costs $10. The construction of this piece is simple and yet it adds character to your living room. You will need to be comfortable in working with the tools required in the construction of this piece. This blanket ladder has a rugged look to it which is what makes it unique. It is one item that is chic and functional at the same time. These living room decorating ideas are very similar to rustic decorating ideas. An important combination of wood and brick or natural colors.
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2. DIY Old Windows

DIY Old Windows

This is one of the best living room decorating ideas since it adds a retro feel to your living room. This is not a functional piece but more of an art piece although shelves can be made on it in order to create some storage space. It is simple to make since all it takes is to drill two planks on it to act as the shelf and there you have your old window! These living room decorating ideas are super accessories for almost any room. Not only for the living room, but also for a hallway.
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3. Painted Bottle Vases Living Room Decorating Ideas


The allure of your living room may be enhanced by such vases. It is easy to make them on your own. You will paint them in an easy step by step process using perhaps leftover paint lying in the house. These vases can then be used as decorative pieces in the living room as they can be used to hold flowers and plants. The vases can be done in a variety of colors and placed perhaps on a table in your living room. These living room decorating ideas can be done by almost anyone with a little creativity. They look great in almost any color.
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4. A DIY Coffee Table

A DIY Coffee Table

You can construct your own unique coffee table and this is assured to be discussed a lot compared to the other things in the living room. The construction of this coffee table utilizes pine boards and the step by step guide is easy to follow. The table incorporates wheels and this makes it easy to manovre. The table looks simple yet it adds character to your living room.
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5. Storage Sofa Living Room Decorating Ideas

Storage Sofa

You can build yourself a unique sofa that has storage space that can be used to store extra pillows and blankets. This sofa can also double up as a guest bed. The items for constructing this unique piece for your living room are readily available. The sofa can be put to several diverse uses and it has a desirable square design that is sure to interest most of your guests. The construction of this sofa is done in 10 easy steps and it is relatively cheap as it will cost $100-$150. These living room decorating ideas are great for almost any living room. You can combine colors or even materials.
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6. A DIY Song Lyric Wall Art

A DIY Song Lyric Wall Art

It is always desirable to have a piece of art hanging on a wall in your living room as it is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. You may make art containing the lyrics to your favorite song and display it on the living room wall. After a simple 10 step process you will have made your own art that looks classy when hanged on a wall. This is something that you can easily do on your own and afterwards it shall add to the character of your living space.
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7. DIY Ombre quote wall art

DIY Ombre quote wall art

For a low cost alternative to art you purchase, you can come up with a simple wall art displaying a quote to be hanged in your living room. You can use simple items such as scrap wood to make the art. The words are made out of stickers or you can cut them out yourself. You can play with different colours while making the art and this will definitely brighten the walls in your living room. This art will take a short time to make.
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8. DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

This particular art was done out of a Pinterest challenge and it is simple to make on your own. The patterns and color on this piece is sure to attract interest from whoever sees it. It is a quick way to create your own wall art and customize your living room wall. The art is made on plain canvas and this gives you the freedom to create any design that you are interested in creating. It is a simple procedure to create this type of art and yet it looks so professional and sophisticated. The wall art presents a collection of living room decorating ideas that go very well with both color and white rooms.
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9. 3D Geometric Wall Art

3D Geometric Wall Art

This may seem very hard to make on your own but on the contrary it is easy and relatively inexpensive. You can decide to use the colours that will match well with the general color theme of your living room. With a possibility of mixing up to five colors this wall art can be made very colorful. Follow and the 9 easy steps and you will have a beautiful art piece that can make a beautiful backdrop for a photo booth. These living room decorating ideas have the same style as the previous one, but with an emphasis on geometric shapes.
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10. Fabric Cushion Living Room Decorating Ideas

Fabric Cushion

This pattern will look good on the sofa sets in your living room. The fabric is light and is also perfect to help you know how to knit. Getting the correct pattern is the key to making the fabric cushion. This site illustrates how to make your own fabric cushion by sharing a free pattern that is simple to emulate. Your cushions will be unique and will add to the wow factor of your living room. You will have fun while making this cushion and be excited as the pattern takes shape.
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