DIY Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate bombs have become very cool. You can sometimes find them overpriced in the shops. Of course, like many things, these are easy to make at home if you have a little time. Here’s a super recipe to help you do just that.

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Love Lists

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Sometimes we do need to show our love. Valentine’s Day is of course the best time to do this. That’s why it’s a good idea to fill a beautifully decorated bottle with messages. You can write down everything you love your partner for and throw it in without thinking.

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Adventure Book


A book in which we can boldly put pictures, texts and moments. All the things you have shared together. It costs almost nothing but your time.

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DIY Love Letter

Other amazing and meaningful Valentine’s gift is a beautifully hand-written love letter that speaks straight from the writer’s heart. Put all your feelings into it and feel free to edit it the way your partner likes.

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Booze Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

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Men usually give women a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Why not do the same for us? Of course, the flowers need to be replaced with something else.

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Lovely Photo Frame

If you have photos and wonderful moments together, this is a great idea. Take an old piece of wood and you can start design your own photo wall.


Strawberry pops

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What’s better than chocolate covered strawberries? These chocolate strawberry pops are a lot easier to make, and they get to use the red color of the strawberries too look like hearts.

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Valentine’s Day Candle Jar

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A fantastic idea to make a candle holder that looks very expensive, but isn’t. You can easily make it at home and if you’re creative you can offer a very unique and unique candle holder.


Adorable Apron

If your partner likes to cook, this is a very good idea. You can totally personalise it for him and with a little creativity it can even be fun.

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Love Vouchers

It’s a classic Valentine’s Day gift that costs nothing but your time. It makes everyone feel loved and almost everyone loves a surprise like this.


Pop-Up Photo Box

valentine's day gift for him

From pictures you can easily make such a small super box. This pop-up photo book is a fantastic way to preserve and share photos of just the two of you. It’s a good idea to include photos of just the two of you, showing your love as a timeline.


DIY Love Mug

If you want a simple yet personalised gift, a mug that you design yourself is a great idea. If you know what your partner likes, you can make a super mug of your own.

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DIY Leather Keychain

These super keyrings are easy to make from scrap leather and gold ornaments. If you like neutral colours, this could be a cool personalised gift for your partner.


Cool Picture Frame

A very fashionable rustic picture frame that goes with almost everything. You can put your pictures in it, or just a cool background that you can easily print at home. It fits almost any style of room.

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Valentine’s Heart Relationship Location

A very simple way to present your stories in an unusual way. Make maps printed in heart shapes. These can start with where you first met, they can also be places you went on holiday together and almost any place you’ve been together.

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Insulated Valentine’s Beverage Holders

Valentine’s is a very special time when couples come up with better and better gifts. When we were looking for ideas, I was most taken by this cool insulated bottle holder. No one likes having to hold cold glass in our bare hands.

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