14 Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

1. Easy Wood Stores and Sheds

Easy Wood Stores and Sheds

Cutting a pallet down to turn it into a lovely base, followed by putting some old feather boards to use for constructing a shed that can be folded and put aside when not in use is a marvelous idea if you like to restyle your home with the changing weathers. Another great thing is to use lots of seasoned wood pallets to build a mini shed at the back of your home, covering the front of the shed with a nice piece of tarp that makes sure the rains don’t get your firewood spoilt. And yes, you can always construct a huge shed where you can get access to built and retrieve logs in rotation. The below forum by Single Track World has got some amazing ideas for building a DIY yet super easy wood store or shed at home, inspired by some of the experts as well as beginner-level woodworkers.

DIY Details : singletrackworld

2. DIY Firewood Rack

DIY Firewood Rack

Do you consider yourself a beginner at woodworking, but are looking for building a DIY Firewood Rack that adds some more organization into your home during the winter season when you need to keep those logs in place, or even in summers when you just want to keep them outside? This gorgeous DIY Firewood Rack is something that yields truly pioneer results almost effortlessly. Plus, you can bring the whole project to life in just a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise spend on a store-bought lumber rack. This one calls for an investment of about 50-70 dollars, combined with just a little bit of creativity and construction skills. Take a look at this awe-inspiring guide by Ana-White to gain an insight into how the finished structure looks.

Project Source and Instructions: ana-white

3. Outdoor Log Holder

Outdoor Log Holder

Make sure all your firewood is stores a few inches above the ground, while being quite well-organized at the same time – all thanks to this strong log holder that allows for a super easy stacking of firewood. What’s amazing is that building the holder won’t take you more than an hour, no matter what’s the size you are working on. All you need to collect is 2×4 preservative treated lumber, Simpson Strong-Tie Rigid Tie RTC2Z connectors, and connector screws for the materials, along with a few woodworking tools, including a saw, a screw gun, a hex head socket, a tape measure, clamps, and a framing square. DIY Done Right provides you with the detailed plans to get going with the construction of your own versions of the Log Holder.

Project Source and Instructions: diydoneright

4. DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

A great firewood rack must not only be about fulfilling the purpose of loading firewood and keeping it safe in a convenient manner, but also about introducing an element of style to your outdoor space. And that’s what this DIY Rolling Firewood Cart does just perfectly. The key to crafting this innovative do-it-yourself project is to begin with cutting some redwood into smaller planks, followed by forming a frame out of the planks by attaching them together using a nail gun. Further, you need to attach the sides to the base, and the integration of some slats and casters gets the piece ready for the final touches with paint. The below tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage explains the steps through detailed instructions and pictures.

Project Source and Instructions: thewoodgraincottage

5. Firewood Rack for 1/2 Rick of Wood

Firewood Rack for 1/2 Rick of Wood

If those get togethers with the whole family and friends are a usual affair for your backyard, you would surely adore this Outdoor Firewood Rack! A few 2X4 blocks of wood, when put together with three cinder blocks and a few ceder fence pickets, using some screws and nails – can end up in a stunning firewood rack that’s about four feet wide and four feet tall. Taking just a deal of thirty dollars for pulling off the whole process, the rack has been designed the appropriate dimensions for storing half rick of wood. Not only does the below guide explain the construction in a quick fashion, but also offers the visual woodworking plan made in Google Sketchup if you need some assistance while building the structure by yourself.

DIY Details : bbq-brethren

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