1. Ace of Hearts

Nail artist Betina Goldstein reminds us that finding love is all about the luck of the draw with this design that mimics a deck of cards. She used a classic red polish from Essie’s 2021 Valentine’s Day collection (now out of stock, but this year’s Love-Note Worthy blue-toned red will do quite nicely as a replacement) to paint the numbers and suits in this instantly recognizable tribute. Bonus: You can reuse the design for the World Series of Poker.

Source: Betina Goldstein

2. All That Glitters

The best, shiny gifts come in small boxes. A little metallic moment on your nails sends the right message. Whether you opt for gold, silver, or some glittery accents, something reflective is in your future.

Source: @pressedbytiny

3. Confetti Hearts

he 2022 way to wear a heart topcoat? Layer it on your bare nails first, followed by a thin layer of iridescent polish. Love it.

Source: @oi_nail

4. Chrome Hearts

These futuristic French tips nod to the season of love with zero need for red or pink paint. Nail artist Jessica Washick used a base coat of Essie Fairy Tailor, a sheer light pink, and accented with a chrome silver polish from U.K.-based polish brand Models Own. With the French tips in place, she added heart-shaped metal charms to seal the Valentine’s deal.

Source: @jessicawashick

5. All That Glitters

Your fingers, wrist, and neck shouldn’t be the only body parts getting bejeweled on Valentine’s Day. Share the love with your nails with this pretty design.


6. Black Heart Nails

For when you’re not really a Valentine’s Day person but still want cute nails, this jet-black mani with a faint white heart is for you.

Source: @thehangedit

7. Cut-Out Hearts

Nail artist Emily Zheng knows there’s no need to choose between French tips and festive hearts. If you can believe it, she hand-painted that perfect heart. Here’s her tactic: “I placed two dots next to each other to create the top of the heart. With a thin detail brush, I drew a V below the dots and filled it in.” Just make sure your base coat is dry before adding the heart on top (and yes, that also works as a relationship metaphor.)

Source: @bycheznails

8. All That Glitters

If you’re color-shy but still want in on a killer nail look, try this design. Start with a sheer coat of nude polish and let dry. Layer different styles of glitter polish, then finish off the look with accents in white polish.

Source: @cassmariebeauty

9. Ombré Glitter

Swipe a sheer shade of glitter just at the tips and finish it up with a confetti heart topcoat.

Source: @paintboxnails

10. Espresso Hearts

Nail artist Jessica Beard terms this look “espresso hearts,” a rich-toned manicure that celebrates Cupid without resorting to traditional V-Day colors. It could also double as “chocolate truffle hearts,” “caramel hearts,” or for those who are really trying to send a hint to their significant other, “leather handbag hearts.”

Source: @jmaebeauty_

11. French-Kiss Tips

Drop a hint of which brands you’d love for your V-day gift with these Dior logo painted nails. Dior fits perfectly on each nail along with the Chanel logo, the LV logo, and the Gucci logo.


12. Crystal Cuticles

Make pale pink feel less basic by tracing a glitter polish along the base of your nail—or go full bling and add crystals.

Source: @thehangedit

13. Smiley Hearts

This cutesy design done by nail artist Kate Smith, known on Instagram as @katebeaute, is whimsical and so easy to achieve. “All you need is a very steady hand — and a very thin brush,” says Smith. This fine nail brush from Amazon will get the job done.

Source: @katebeaute

14. Heart Eyes

Wearing your heart on your sleeve was so last Valentine’s Day. Wear your heart on your nail beds with this oversized red heart design. You can do an all-over heart design, or opt for a mini that needs close-up inspection.

Source: @nailjob

15. Graffiti Heart

For the e-girls among us, consider this single hand-drawn heart.

Source: @opi


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