The people at ZØRE intimately understand the importance of firearms and firearm safety. Jerusalem, Israel dictates that they keep arms close for defense, even and especially in the household.

This is exactly what drove them to develop ZØRE X.

With weapons training and Special Forces experience, ZØRE was able to combine combat backgrounds with a desire for family safety. What came next is something which every gun owner should consider. ZØRE X is a revolutionary firearm locking mechanism that renders the weapon inoperable without the code.

The beauty of the ZØRE X is that one may keep firearms secure, yet quickly accessible if need be. As of December 2018, ZØRE has shipped out over 10,000 units and counting. They also provide discounts to LEO, military, and veterans through a program online.

In addition to ZØRE X, ZØRE also makes a magnetic mount for the lock which allows you to store the secured weapon worry-free.

If you do still worry and require further assurance, the ZØRE app should alleviate additional concerns with tampering alerts when you are away with ZØRE BRIDGE. This connects your lock to wifi via Bluetooth. You also can unlock the ZØRE X with this app remotely. There is a training feature to help you in developing safe and speedy unlocking procedures.

We had a chance to see how the 9mm 9×19 ZØRE X Core Series Gun Lock works first hand and were highly impressed. The fit and finish were second to none, read below for more info and excellent pictures of ZØRE X features in detail.


Quick Highlights:

9mm Zore X Core Gun Lock Review

– Electro-mechanical lock
– Patent pending cartridge sits inside of the chamber without applying pressure
– Locking cartridge expands 10x the force applied to it
– Prevents unauthorized use while ensuring immediate usability by owner
– Caliber-specific: available in 9×19 (0.40 and 0.45 variations upcoming)
– California DOJ approved (Firearm Safety Device per Penal Code section 23655)
– 2-year warranty included
– Light 4.7 oz. (135g) weight.
– AISI 4340, ST.S 17-4 PH, H900 Silicone, Nylon 6./6 FG, and Peek materials
– Replaceable CR2 3.0V battery
– 3500 locking and unlocking battery life (2-3 years of standard usage)
– Revolutionary RAPIDial for fast unlocking even with zero visibility
– RAPIDial allows for up to 20 digits with up to 9 clicks each digit
– Ejects lock and chambers round when the weapon is charged (locked to loaded design)


– Protective rubber coating
– Simple installation process
– Slim and discrete design
– Powerful magnetic
– Perfect for under the desk, in the car, by the bed and more


Zore X Core Series Gun Lock 9MM 9X19 Review

Zore X Core 9×19 Firearm Lock

Opening Package Gun Lock Zore X Core 9×19

Secret Backup Scratch Off Code Zore X Core 9×19

Side View Zore 9mm Gun Lock

Zore Gun Lock Back Rear View

Zore Gun Locks Top View

Pistol Locking Device Zore X Core 9×19

Front Pistol Lock Zore X Core 9×19

Chamber Lock Removed Zore X Core 9×19

Zore X Core 9×19 Gun Locking Instructions

Zore X Core 9×19 Led Indication Lights

Zore X Core 9×19 With Replaceable Battery Compartment

Diagram Inside The Zore X Core 9×19 Box

First Time You Use The Lock Zore X Core 9×19 Instruction Sheet

How To Replace Zore X Core 9×19 Battery Instructions

How To Set Personal Code Zore X Core 9×19

Rapidial Instructions Zore X Core 9×19

Zore X Core 9×19 Proper Extraction

While not everyone feels comfortable with guns, there is one thing we can all agree on: Not everyone should handle them.

For instance, younger kids who are by alone themselves or perhaps the person who just broke in and hauled away the contents of your safe.

With that said, having a way to protect not only yourself but also your family might be crucial. Let’s face it, no one wants to put anyone they love at risk, and we can’t always be there to keep an eye on our firearms (unless we’re carrying one of course).

In reality, being a good gun owner means being a responsible one. Being responsible goes beyond just the rules of safety everyone knows, it also included locking up your firearms to prevent children and other unauthorized users from gaining access to your gun.

Of course, depending on where you live, you might not even have a choice. Luckily, the ZORE X is California DOJ-approved. The safety device meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and is reliable when it comes to security.

For peace of mind, ZORE has the answer with their latest X Core Series gun lock. And while most of us cringe at anything that involves restrictive technology, you’ll be surprised by just how exceptionally well ZORE’s equipment works. After having a chance to try one out and seeing how blazing fast it is to rip off, not to mention, how insanely easy it is to operate, I’m beyond impressed.

Unlike other attempts that try to merge technology and firearms and fail, like the one where you must be wearing a watch in order to unlock it, ZORE’s stance on security seems top notch. Combine together the security, very reasonable price point, and all the features below and you’ll see why ZORE’s X Core series gun locks are a winner in my book.

For starters, it has a patented RapiDial that quickly unlocks if you’re in a situation where you have to act in the blink of an eye, even in zero visibility circumstances. Being able to go from locked to fully loaded immediately is effortless with the ZORE X Core.

When you need to charge the gun, it locks the slide by expanding even more, so that no one can tamper with it until you enter the code. During our tests, we tried to pry it open, shake/pull it off, and got a little creative with our attempts to prove it, but the X Core is one serious piece of security gear. Speaking of the unlocking code, resetting it is painless, and should you ever forget it, there’s a secret backup code you can refer to.

The battery lasts for 3500 locks and unlocks so it should give you two or three years of use. If you replace the battery every year, which is far earlier than it should run out, you’ll have plenty of peace of mind.

For color selection, I like that ZORE went with a mostly black design. To be honest, the ZORE X Core looks beautiful and looks great with various firearm models, regardless of their finish.

Give the functionality and security, you might be surprised to know that it only weighs 4.7 oz. In other words, it weighs next to nothing, but is as tough as nails.

After having a chance to try one out myself I’m amazed at how exceptionally well they work. For those who want to keep their firearm out and accessible, but also secure, the ZORE X Core gets the job done brilliantly.


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