Your Vietnam Tour Guide: Mathew from Intro Travel

Our series of interviews with some amazing tour leaders continues! This time, we’re talking to Mathew James Stirland, a tour leader with Intro Travel in Vietnam. Whether you’re interested in becoming a tour leader, you want more information on what really goes on in a group tour of Vietnam, or you’re just here for the gorgeous scenery, sit back and enjoy!

As a tour leader for three years, Mathew knows all the ins and outs of beautiful Vietnam. From the markets to the people to the must-see spots, this guide is… well, your guide! Join Mathew as he brings a group of lucky travellers to a traditional rice field (and learn a few fun facts along the way), and discusses everyone’s favourite part of travel: the food!

No trip to Vietnam is complete without sampling as much of the cuisine as possible, of course, and Mat was kind enough to share his three favourites. Haven’t heard of them? According to Mat, you’re missing out! Maybe it’s time to taste them for yourself.

Rest assured that when you’re travelling in Vietnam on a group tour, you’ll have a tour leader just as great as Mat. Listen as he explains what he thinks all good tour leaders need to have (hint: both the words “fun” and “safe” come up!), and decide for yourself if a group tour in Vietnam is for you! We think we can guess the answer…

Of course, a tour is nothing without some incredible experiences, right? Mat shared his favourites with us, from Ha Long Bay to the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Hoi An. Between Mat’s enthusiastic descriptions and our incredible footage, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist Vietnam’s call for much longer!

Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you’re just as enchanted with Vietnam as Mat is, don’t you think it’s time to start planning a trip of your own? Who knows, you may end up calling Vietnam home one day, just like Mat.

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