Nothing makes your look stand out more than the perfect blue heels!

Blue color evokes peace, sky, water, sea, space, air,  and tranquility. Along with red it is the color of the kings, night, and fidelity.

In many religions it is the color of the Gods. In Egypt, Amon has the blue skin, in Indian, Visnu and the God Rama. For the Romans it describes Jupiter, the Lord of the heavens .

Psychologically it represents fidelity. From it comes the expression: “True Blue” – faith to the core – that unites this feeling with the social meaning of color.

When you wear a piece of clothing, an accessory, or some blue shoes, you are telling to the world that you are an empowered, strong and confident woman.

One of the best things about blue color is the amount of shades it has, which give us always the perfect blue tone, for each occasion, without ceasing to feel comfortable.



Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Lisa Ann | @lisaacitaa

A shiny light blue stilettos, will give you the extra glam you needed with your skinny jeans. Perfect for a casual look at the office and drinks with your bffs at the end of the afternoon.

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Provo Towne Centre | @provotowne

Nothing better than a light turquoise high heels for your special day! As a bride you must wear something “blue”, well let’s upgrade that tradition. They will make you look fashion and classy all at the same time. Make it bigger, why don’t your bridesmaids wears blue heels too?

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion


Wearing heels, doesn’t mean that  your feets are going to hurt you all day long, in fact you can be on style and comfortable with this platform chunky high heel sandals. To look elegant, it is important that you choose the color properly. This matte blue it’s almost gray, ideal to attend a cocktail, without feeling to much formal.

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Domodi.TV | @domodi_tv

Suede shoes are back with all its glam! How would you feel with this gorgeous suede stilettos with ankle straps? The detail with the bows on the back of the heels, will give you the spicy touch any glam girl needs this summer.

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

luxury l0vers | @luxuryl0vers

Skinny jeans have never seen so sexy than with these shiny super high stilettos in aquamarine. Master your look with this statement high heels, like the queen you are. Don’t you forget, jeans with high heels will make you look fresh and young.

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle.  | @qdailyinspo

What do you think about these bright deep blue cone heels? The golden details  will make you stand out on the crowd. They go amazing with shorts, and short dresses. The stylish look blends with a chic relax vibe, perfect for all your summer dates.

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

♡???? ?? ♡ | @loveee.ittt

Why don’t you try these amazing dark blue high heels with golden details ’till the sole, like Bella’s. Are you into old fashioned etiquette? Let’s combine them with a dark blue purse, with golden straps! We are loving them!

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

BEBA GÖTTEL | @bebagottel

Go crazy, have fun, try this double colored high heels. You can see they look amazing with a fancy dress. Get yourself a hole blue look and everyone around you would be speechless.

Heels and couture will always be best friends!

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

@wedbellesatl | Wedding Belles

Last but not least, we have these kitten heels sandals, with ankle straps. These heels are the queens of the Comfortable Style. You can wear them for absolutely any occasion, because of its versatilyty. From the office, to your best friends wedding you can wear this heels all day long, and still rocking your style!

What do you think about it? The blue heels are perfect for summer, full of energy and good vibes, they only call us to the summer, to the sea and waves. Enjoy with extra glam and tell us what your “True Blue” heels for this summerare!

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