Do you often work at home? If the answer is yes, then owning comfortable working room is not an option because it is a must. However being comfortable is so subjective depending on each person but being comfortable can mean owning luxurious home office that can support your working activity. Hence, these are ten ideas of luxury home office.

Modern Crafted Home Office

Here is one of modern luxury home office that is carefully crafted and designed. It installs flat-panel cabinet with some floating shelves. The desk is built-in with glass countertop completed with glass made custom chair. Lastly, this home office is also designed with wood fireplace under the wall decoration.

Elegant White and Black Home Office

Bringing the tone of white and black, this home office looks adorably elegant. The freestanding desk is matched with the simple white chair and custom open shelves behind it. The main background in this home office is horizontal lined black wall decorated with some artistic features.

Bohemian Home Office

It is undeniably luxurious home office with freestanding desk and over-sized open shelves. It is completed with a contemporary designed fireplace. While on the other hand, a space for relax with round glass coffee table and special lights.

Contemporary Artistic Home Office


This artistic home office provides you with full uniqueness of each feature and element. The rug is made of leather and the desk is from dark wooden material. Besides, this home office is also designed with tree-shaped ceiling lights which is so natural yet luxurious.

Las Vegas Home Office

Wrapped in brown color and overlooking the pool, this home office will give you peaceful feeling while you work. To add the elegance and the luxury of this room, the glorious pendant light is installed. It is a perfect place to boost your productivity.

Modern Mid-Sized Home Office

You also can go with the option of this white home office. It is calm, clean and adorable at the same time. The built-in desk is matched with rack above the cabinet. The table decoration is perfectly cool and the black bench seems so comfortable and elegant.

Tropical Home Office

If you love something simple yet tastefully fine, this design might suit your option. This room has a freestanding desk with white chair on a patterned rug area. The lined small cabinet is put behind the desk and perfectly matches the wall.

Transitional Modern Home Office

In this home office, the high level of elegance is on the combination of black cabinet, couch and the wood floor. The freestanding desk made of aluminium and glass is also exceptionally attractive. Lastly, the splendid ceiling lamps complete the luxury of this room.

Modern Minimalist Home Office

This home office looks so adorable with black siding and stained cabinet. It also has some floating shelves and built-in aluminum desk.

Contemporary Phoenix Home Office

To conclude the review, this home office is totally in elegant brown with its desk, sofa, cabinet and fireplace. In addition, the glass siding is also interesting since you will keep connecting with your outside view.