Your South Africa Tour Guide Gerhard Pretorius from Hotspots2c

Your South Africa Tour Guide Gerhard Pretorius from Hotspots2c

There are as many amazing tour guides as there are amazing places to see in this world, so it’s probably no surprise that we’re back with another guide interview! Today, we’re talking to Gerhard Pretorius, a tour guide in South Africa with Hotspots2c, about his job, his country, and his favourite travel memories. Follow along to learn more about travelling in beautiful South Africa, or to get the inside scoop about what it’s like to be a tour guide!

Gerhard thinks that being a guide is the best job a person can do, and we think you’ll find it hard to disagree when you see the kind of adventures he gets to have – and get paid for! – on a daily basis. Not only does he get to spend time outdoors and stay close to nature, every day is different. Even when showing travellers the same destinations, there’s always something new to discover and a unique experience to be had.

Animal lover? If South Africa isn’t already on the very top of your bucket list, it should be! Watch as Gerhard interacts with elephants, leopards, lions, ostriches, and other incredible animals. While it’s never a guarantee to see specific animals on a safari, you’ll always have an incredible time exploring the stunning scenery and getting to know the habitats of some of the rarest and most unique animals on the planet.

As far as Gerhard is concerned, there are two “best parts” of visiting South Africa – the ability to do some amazing, heart-pounding activities such as bungee jumping and ziplining, and the possibility of seeing the Big Five! Watch as lucky travellers on tour with Gerhard have the opportunity to do both. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect South African adventure, we don’t know what does!

Can you resist the call of the wild for much longer? We don’t blame you if you can’t! If you can’t wait a second more to start planning your trip to all that South Africa has to offer, head over to TourRadar to explore this itinerary and others like it.

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