I love wine, but I’m terrified of choosing something to pair with our nightly meals. My go-to strategy has always been to stand in the $15 section and gamble on a bottle that’s almost sold out. (“That means other people like buying it, right??” Maybe…) In my dream world, there would be a sommelier in every grocery aisle helping me decide what to get. So, I was thrilled to hear about Blue Apron’s new wine subscription


It works like this: when you sign up, Blue Apron sends you 6 bottles of seasonal wines, usually 3 whites and 3 reds, every month. Each wine comes with a special tasting card that explains everything about the wine (where it was grown, who produces it, characteristics.) One side of every card is solely designed to help newer wine drinkers assess a wine by look, smell and taste so they can learn how to make better decisions on their own. It’s a great learning tool for non-educated wine lovers like me. The cards also include suggestions for food pairing. If you’re a Blue Apron subscriber (you don’t have to be!), it specifically tells you which meals would taste best with the wines provided. This week we made Roasted Butternut Squash and paired it with Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard Grenache based on the card recommendations. Not only was the wine delicious, but it really did go perfectly with the meal we chose. So, basically it’s the next best thing to a personal sommelier.

I also loved that the wine bottles are a little smaller than average, so they’re the perfect size for 2 people. That means no pressure to finish a whole bottle in 1 sitting (i.e. overdrinking) just so the leftovers won’t go bad.

I highly recommend that you try it for yourself! Today, Blue Apron is offering Oh Happy Day readers a special discount: the first 50 people to click on this link will receive a $20 discount on their first wine order (a saving of 33%.)








This post is sponsored by Blue Apron.

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day