Tiny bedrooms can take a lot of work—for one, most don’t have space for a dresser or wardrobe, and two, having all your stuff laying around can make even the prettiest bedroom look like a sloppy mess.

The easiest solution? Under bed storage—and with so many options to choose from, you won’t even have to worry about hiding it; these pretty options are much better seen, anyway.

Underbed Storage Canvas, $24.99 – $59.99, Pottery Barn

Neutral materials, like jute and cardboard, make this option a sleek and sturdy choice for minimalist bedrooms.

Romskog Underbed Storage Box, $50, Ikea

The braided rattan material in this storage box ensures that each one has a totally different look, while the cotton-lined interior lets air circulate around the storage area—vital if you’re storing items like shoes or heavy sweaters.

Skubb Box, Set of 6, $6.99, Ikea

If you have a bunch of tiny trinkets and have no idea where to put them, invest in these small boxes from Ikea. It’s the easiest way to sort out all your odds and ends.

Bridgeport Metal Wire Baskets, $44.95 – $69.95, CB2

With steel wires and a brass finish, these metal baskets are a glamorous take on storage. Store your favorite patterned throws in them, and let them do all the talking.

Storage Box, Heart and Hand With Magnolia, $10.99, Target

Trust Chip and Jo to make even storage trendy. We’re loving the pretty fabric exterior, and this option even comes in multiple colors for easy, stackable style.

Under-The-Bed Rolling Wood Storage Box, $59, Urban Outfitters

One of the most genius storage solutions we’ve ever seen, you can use this crafted wood rollaway drawer under your bed to store anything from clothing and accessories to books and office supplies.

Hemnes Underbed Storage Box, $75, Ikea

Built-in drawers and a sleek wood finish make this the perfect way to turn the space under your bed into a smart storage area for all your odds and ends.

Diamond Rattan Storage Basket, $78 – $128, Anthropologie

Who says storage has to be boring? A natural seagrass finish, multiple rainbow colors, and the option of either a closed or open model allow for a statement-making basket that will add a pop of fun to your living space.

Wicker Underbed Basket With Cotton Liner and Cover, $132.99, Wayfair

The linen cover makes this wicker underbed basket look more like a pretty decorative piece than a storage solution, but don’t let that fool you: Under the cover is a gorgeous box that will store all your valuables with ease.

Hillsdale Furniture Lake House Bedroom Storage Unit, $299, Bed Bath & Beyond

This drawer set is ideal for kids’ bedrooms or twin beds, and fits to camouflage itself as part of the bed itself! Consisting of two drawers and a cubby, it will fit in (style) anywhere.

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