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We love all of your projects that are uploaded to the community – it’s so inspiring to see what everyone is making, and read the stories behind the makes! This month we’re thinking about what it means to be a maker – what makes you crochet? Merion has found six favorite projects to show you!

Summer Top

Jelena Nemcenko has made herself the most gorgeous top for summer! With two colours of Rico Creative Cotton Aran, Jelena has created a block colour effect – and I’m sure you’ll agree, those puff shell stitches really show it off! The pattern is the Sky Top by TheMailoDesign, and even though Jelena has made it here with blues (for the sky!), we think it would look fabulous in any shade combination!

sky top

Ladies Poncho by Susan L

I love this classic granny stripe poncho that Susan L has made for her dog trainer! She must have been thrilled to receive such a gorgeous gift – and no doubt was warmer when she was out with the dogs! The red edging really makes those blues and greens pop! Great choice of colours Susan!

Ladies’ top by Dawn H

This is a very familiar story for me – racing into a pattern and discovering either by the end, or half way through, that it just isn’t going to work – so repurposing the yarn for something else! Dawn did just this – and I bet she’s glad she did, because this top is absolutely gorgeous, and if you click through to the project photos, you’ll see just how fantastic the finished jumper looks on her! This is a Sirdar pattern for a top that can be long or short sleeved, and although the pattern recommends a cotton DK yarn, you can use any DK – and Dawn has used Wendy Pixile DK  – an acrylic yarn that has worked beautifully.  I cannot stop looking at that very clever neckline! (I might have to make this Dawn!)

ladies top

Festival Hippie Top by Nicola P

When we crochet, it’s not often for ourselves – and this beautiful festival style bikini top was made by Nicola P for her daughter, who was recovering from mental health issues. It’s fabulous, sassy and stylish – and if you click through to the project photos you’ll agree that Nicola’s daughter looks fantastic in it! It means so much to make something for someone else – as a crafter, I know how much goes into something I make for someone, and I have no doubt you are all the same.  I am quite sure that we all know someone with mental health issues (and indeed other health issues), and just a small thoughtful gift makes all the difference.

Goldenrod Sweater by Kelly L

Here’s something we all identify with – after making lots of treats for other people (in Kelly’s case, after all the Christmas crochet!), you suddenly see a pattern that you absolutely love, and have to make it! Elevenhandmade’s Goldenrod Sweater was a huge success and won our Pattern of the Month Award earlier this year – it’s that fabulous neckline with puff stitch detail that makes everyone gasp! One of the things I loved about it was the designer’s recommendation of King Cole Merino Blend 4ply, which is a fabulously affordable super soft yarn, and it just goes to show you that you can make a fabulous jumper like this without spending a fortune on yarn. Crochet uses, on average, a third more yarn than knitting – and in this case, those puff stitches are yarn-eaters! Kelly’s version here has shortened sleeves (brilliant adaptation!) and she used King Cole Pricewise DK, which is an acrylic DK, so an even bigger saving here – and I am guessing that she adapted gauge to fit a slightly heavier yarn – do tell us all about Kelly, if you’re reading this!

Deer by Louise M

It’s always great to see crocheters working with complex techniques – Louise M has made the Little Doolally Hello Deer Blanket, which is a work of art using intarsia techniques! Although on paper this looks like a fairly straightforward process, it takes a good while to perfect the technique, and Louise has done a great job here of bringing the little deer to life!

deer crochet blanket

Sharing your projects on our Community is great inspiration for other makers – and gives us all the chance to comment and ask questions; how difficult something was to make,  to say how much we love the yarn, or to ask if the pattern was easy to follow. We often feature projects on our Facebook and Instagram feeds too – so don’t forget to upload your pictures and tell us your stories!


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