Here are elegant ways to hide them

With so many design and construction decisions to consider during a renovation, sometimes the little details fall by the wayside. It’s important to keep in mind those updates can have a bigger impact than you’d think.

Take radiator covers. They’re not a building requirement, nor do they influence how effective a radiator works. The nice-to-have detail makes a space look more polished and can provide another storage option, too. Check out the radiator covers in these Sweeten-renovated New York City abodes and see for yourself!

The centerpiece of this Park Slope, Brooklyn, renovation was actually the kitchen. The Sweeten general contractor helped complete a few other projects in the apartment, including a handsome radiator cover in the bedroom. “My growing puppy decided the cover was her favorite place to sit and watch squirrels,” the homeowner shared “My general contractor came back to install reinforcements so it could withstand the weight of a full-grown dog.”

Lauren’s renovation involved updating the layout so the kitchen and living area were open to one another. She focused on built-in storage in the kitchen, and wanted to bring the same element to her living space. “A sleek bookshelf hides my radiator and air conditioner units that were always annoyingly off-centered from the windows,” she said. The radiator cover also offers another surface for displaying plants and knick-knacks.

Architects Terri and Brett gutted their Prospect Heights co-op to make it feel as bright and large as possible. Every detail was a result of their collaboration, including radiator covers in the living area and bedroom. A millworker made the radiators easier to access for maintenances purposes, so they designed new covers with tops made from leftover slabs of stone from the kitchen.

While Charon’s gorgeous green bathroom renovation was underway, her Sweeten general contractor’s carpentry team took care of details elsewhere in the apartment too. They built a custom bedroom radiator cover to match one she already had in the living area, which streamlined the design elements of her home and put the finishing touch on the already pretty sleep space.

Combining two apartments is no easy feat, but Zoe and Arvid managed that aspect of their huge undertaking and still took notice of the smallest (and important) details in their home. The air conditioning unit and radiator in their living had 50 years of layered paint, plus took up valuable space. They designed a cover with their general contractor to make it less obtrusive and added shelves for extra storage.

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