Yellowtrace Spotlight // September 2018.


In case you failed to notice, September is almost over (WTF! – it’s practically Christmas time!), which can only mean one thing – our September edition of Yellowtrace Spotlight is upon us. Today we round up the best local and international submissions, including Tasmania’s newest boutique accommodation, a vibrant retro-style restaurant in London; new product releases and an exciting announcement by Fibonacci; new gear from Bentu Design, Juju Papers and Designer Rug; a renovated Belgium home; Melbourne-based photographer Derek Swalwell’s first solo exhibition, plus a whole bunch of other hot-to-trot projects. Let’s get stuck into it!


Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions in Tasmania by Liminal Studio | Yellowtrace

Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions In Tasmania By Liminal Studio.

Designed by Hobart-based Liminal Studio, these nine Coastal Pavilions are the newest accommodation offering at Freycinet Lodge on Tasmania’s east coast.


House L & W in Ghent, Belgium by Fragmenture | Yellowtrace

House L & W In Ghent, Belgium By Fragmenture.

Belgian design studio Fragmenture has transformed a compact, dark and enclosed row house in Ghent into a contemporary, bright and cheerful city residence.


Breadway Bakery in Odessa, Ukraine by Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak | Yellowtrace

Breadway Bakery In Odessa, Ukraine By Lera Brumina & Artem Trigubchak.

The playful interior of Breadway Bakery is divided into three visually distinctive functional sections through the use of bold shapes, colours and textures.


Pirana Retro Restaurant in South London by Sella Concept | Yellowtrace

Piraña Retro Restaurant in South London by Sella Concept.

Sella Concept’s retro-inspired interior for Pirana restaurant & bar in South London packs a host of different atmospheres into a relatively small space.


Miss Wong Restaurant in Quebec, Canada by Ménard Dworkind | Yellowtrace

Miss Wong Restaurant in Quebec, Canada by Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design.

Inspired by the visually rich language of Chinatowns around the world, MRDK have brought to life a clear design story to the Miss Wong Restaurant in Quebec.


Irim Yoga Studio & Cafe in South Korea by Foam Architects | Yellowtrace

Irim Yoga Studio & Cafe In South Korea By Foam Architects.

Referencing the lunar cycle of a yoga practice, plywood partition with moon shaped textured glass inserts ats as a boundary between this cafe and yoga room.


The Material Space: Davidpompa Opens New Showroom in Mexico City | Yellowtrace

The Material Space: Davidpompa Opens New Showroom In Mexico City.

Dubbed ‘The material space’, Davidpompa’s new showroom unveils the origins of the Mexican brand and its products, with source materials playing a key role.


Fibonacci Stone Releases Another Series New Colours | Yellowtrace

Fibonacci Stone Announces An End To Lead-Time Frustrations & Releases Another Series Of New Colours.

After a major supply chain overhaul, Fibonacci’s entire terrazzo collection is available with no lead-time. Plus they’ve released a bunch of fab new colours!


WRECK: Bentu Design's Regeneration Experiment of Everday Ceramics Waste in Chaozhou, China | Yellowtrace

WRECK: Bentu Design’s Regeneration Experiment Of Everday Ceramics Waste In Chaozhou, China.

BENTU’s Wreck design experiment reveals the disintegration of culture in Chaozhou, China as part of its daily-ceramics production industry.


Fruit Salad Tiles by Juju Papers | Yellowtrace

Fruit Salad Handmade Cement Tiles by Juju Papers.

Fruit Salad is Juju Papers’ first handmade cement tile series in hexagonal shapes and kaleidoscopic colours, made for a serendipitous installation method.


European Light Rug Collection by bernabeifreeman for Designer Rugs | Yellowtrace

European Light Rug Collection By Bernabeifreeman For Designer Rugs.

The freshest collaboration by Designer Rugs for 2018 unites the work of the design duo bernabeifreeman, with in-house expert Christine McDonald.


Outdistance: Derek Swalwell's First Solo Exhibition at Modern Times, Melbourne | Yellowtrace

Outdistance: Derek Swalwell’s First Solo Exhibition at Modern Times, Melbourne.

Derek Swalwell’s latest solo exhibition focuses on the details of Carlo Scarpa, Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonino’s famed sites Brion Cemetery, San Cataldo Cemetery and the Gallaratese complex.


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