Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоIt is no exaggeration to say that the jeans much. Or a substantial part of the population, with rare exceptions. And girls and women has long been believe these pants were his. Yes, and what else?

Because jeans are almost always appropriate (except special occasions). So it’s safe to say that next year, as in previous decades, is not without the mega-popular denim. So, what will the fashion for jeans spring-summer 2019 ?

Current trends:

What color denim jeans 2019

The predominant colors of the season – blue and white. They are good for summer and spring. In the first warm days of the year, we can wear light (including white) jeans made from denser fabric than the summer. These jeans will look especially elegant on the streets. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоThis includes hints of caramel. Classic color jeans, Indigo comes back again. In the opinion of the designers, it is universal and if these jeans are in your wardrobe, you will easily be able to combine them, creating a classical style in clothes.

The decor and finish is fashionable women’s jeans, 2019 photo

To «immortalize» their creations in the hearts of women of fashion, many designers decided to decorate their original trim and decorative elements. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоTo this end, the brands actively used all sorts of embroidery, fringe, sequins, perforations, applique, patch pockets, stripes, cuffs and many other designs. Examples of decorated jeans can be found in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Holly Fulton, Tommy Hilfiger, Courreges, Thomas Tait, Greg Lauren, Ashish, Alice and Olivia, Roberto Cavalli, Each Other.

Fashion classic jeans for women 2019

Traditional classics knows no forgetfulness, and for that season remains one of the leading trends. Because it is a universal style that fits everyone. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоRestrained colors and cut make it easy to combine jeans with a classic style with any other things of clothing, and even use them as an attribute of office decor. Also jeans would be very appropriate for everyday, the image of each lover of denim.

Fashionable cropped jeans autumn-winter 2016-2019

Almost all the world’s catwalks for spring – summer 2019 many designers without saying a word showed is quite interesting and very unusual model, cropped jeans. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоAnd if earlier similar styles of denim combined with a narrow leg, in this season you can see many wide and free models. Combined with different blouses, shirts, t-shirts, tops, sweaters, etc. these jeans can create a variety of bows designed for the urban daily hustle and for a relaxing romantic vacation. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото Even the highlight of the evening image can be cropped jeans, if the right to make the whole ensemble. To add to your wardrobe parasailing cropped denim pants recommend: Crosby Derek Lam, Banana Republic, Isa Arfen, Karen Walker, Sea, Simons Miller.

Fashion jeans, wide cut

Wide cut jeans are very popular. In their collections, many designers presented a very original model, complemented with patch pockets, locks and other decoration. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоAll these details draw attention to themselves and can’t leave a woman unnoticed. The great advantage of this style is that it can’t hide the attractiveness of the ideal female figure, but at the same time his power to smooth out some shortcomings and emphasize the dignity. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото The original model wide cut jeans offered: Houseof Holland, Julien David, Karen Walker, Koche, Tome, Tsumori Chisato.Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото

Skinny jeans autumn winter 2016-2019

Skinny jeans – can be safely attributed to the classics, not losing its relevance. Fashion designers again and again to prove it, when on the catwalk defile of the model in those jeans. Different shades of blue, dark and light colors, all the original decor only adds to similar models of novelty and individuality. Without it, and the shows of the season spring – summer 2019. Creaturesof Comfort, Eckhaus Latta, Opening Geremony, Paul&Joe, Rag&Bone, Saloni – has demonstrated once again their unique creations.

Women’s jeans with contrast panels

While browsing the new collections the impression that the designers are not seriously carried away with the patchwork technique. But we are not talking about the classic patchwork technique. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото In this respect, the brands showed all their creative imagination, using the contrast of the original shape, color and cut. In addition, was struck by the contrast material. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото So, from now on is considered a normal connection in a single product denim and sheer fabrics or the hum and leather. Plenty of playing with contrast panels brands such as VFiles, Rodebjer, Pam and Gela, Assembly, Greg Lauren, Off White Virgil Abloh.Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото

Women’s jeans retro style 2019 fashion trends photos

Retro style is quite recognizable and popular. In the season 2019 to this area came many well-known brands. I touched it and jeans. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоFor example, Ulla Johnson, Frame Denim, Norma Kamali had incorporated in their clothing line flared denim products, which was extremely popular in the 70-ies.

Women’s jeans boyfriend 2019

One of the most important models in the spring and summer of 2019 will continue the model of «boyfriend jeans». Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоAs for the length of this style, it ranges from the classical to the usual 7/8. Was not deprived of the attention of designers and models with the presence of cuffs, flare and fringe.

Women’s jeans «Flare» 2019

These denim pants came to us from the relatively recent past. In the fashionable season in 2019 they will be no less popular than the above trends. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоThe imagination of discerning fashionistas can hit plenty of choice: traditional length, shorter, elongated hem, fringe trim and even flared, turning into pants bell.

Women’s jeans in Grunge 2019

Deliberately worn and paint stained jeans, grunge 2019, unlike past seasons, will have great success. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоSome designers have decorated their spring collection of denim-the options are straight cut with large ragged holes around the knees.

Fashion jeans in an unusual style

Something new and unusual has always attracted the attention of fashionistas. Jeans in an unusual style is no exception, which is why the designers of the world, creating their new models for shows spring – summer 2019 has made every effort to please their beloved customers. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоThese jeans may well become the basis for the most unexpected, bold, creative images, and to allocate its possessor from the crowd. Such jeans in an unusual style, submitted by: Bekh, Ksenia Schnaider, Michael Kors Collection, OffWhite, V Files, Y Projtct.

Fashion ripped jeans

At the shows spring – summer 2019 such eminent designers and fashion houses like Brock Collection, Juicy Couture, Moschino, Thomas Wylde once again showed the world that not only ripped jeans remain popular and relevant, but are even more attractive and versatile element of the female wardrobe. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоМодные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фотоScuffs and holes on these jeans can be in a completely chaotic manner, almost everywhere and sometimes to fill a large part of the product. As for the style of denim pants, it can be quite varied, ranging from a daring battle friends, to classical and pipe

Light blue

Light blue denim as cowboys is a real hit of the season. Stylish, sassy, sexy way to describe this trend. Модные женские джинсы весна-лето 2019 фото It is better to combine it with bright things with geometric designs, favorite plaid shirt, vests. You can also select total-bow denim, but you should carefully choose the things to not look ridiculous. Perfect also denim jacket, but always massive and masculine tailoring. As accessories you can use massive bright jewelry, a hat with a wide brim.