Jackets have always been in trend, because they allow not only to escape from the cold, but also to experiment with bright stylish images. And so fashionistas was an interesting, fashion designers come up with new imaginative ideas, which are then boldly implement. Therefore, in the regular season these products are a non-trivial design solutions, rich colors and unconventional styles. We just have to flaunt!

Fashion women blouse sleeveless spring-summer 2019 photo

Modern fashion is never stand still, and several seasons at the peak of popularity was all kinds of blouses without sleeves. They allow women to show elegance and fragility of the hands, which gives the image of femininity and refinement. Such models can be used in different situations, for example:

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

    For women business suit white women’s sweaters-vests, which combine perfectly with the classic pants and the strict skirts black and other similar colors. Meanwhile, in some offices to wear things recommended in the ensemble with the jacket, as adopted dress code does not allow liberties in the form of naked hands; for walks and meetings with friends are best suited bright print options, which should be combined with classic jeans. Plain blouse in this case, too, will look good, but this way may seem boring, so it will not prevent a «dilute» catchy accessories.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

    Feminine and romantic ladies it is better to choose plain products gentle and pastel palette, for example dairy, cream, peach or light pink shades. The skirt is a relaxed and concise color scheme and fit the product is a bright coral tone. In addition, for a romantic rendezvous are particularly relevant print blouse with floral motifs or models with applications.

Fashionable women’s blouse button-down spring-summer 2019 photo

One of the most popular and versatile styles considered feminine knitted koftochka button. It is called the cardigan, which is a form of a product, its distinctive feature is the presence of buttons. You can pick up a few different styles for any occasion:

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Solid, made of dense knit binding, long sleeves can be worn in the office, complementing a blouse and combine with jeans in casual style. In such a model, small buttons with matching things. There are extra options made to major viscous, with large decorative buttons. This model can act as a standalone outerwear in this season is not very warm spring and a cool summer. It combines perfectly with casual clothes style.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Fashionable women’s blouse office style spring-summer 2019 photo

What variations of jackets you can use for going to work in the office, on a business meeting? Here, too, is not without its original trend combinations in clothing. Most advantageous options of clothing are represented with the following compositions.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Sweater-vest over a blouse – it was, is and will be the best spring onions for serious business lady.

Solid pullover top shirt looks restrained and aesthetically pleasing. Well-ironed, released on top of the triangular cut-out sweater collar shirts, sets a serious mood and speaks about the confidence women have in themselves and their intentions.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Jackets jacket-type in large or small checks – a win-win print understated tone always talked about business the style apparels not only menswear but also women.

Turtleneck pastel or dark tones in fuelled condition, combined with high-waisted pants, looks perfectly surrounded by office interior.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Fitted jacket with long sleeves and a geometric image of extraordinary item of clothing, making a dual color to the overall style of the outfit. The view is not too strict but not boring.

Fashionable women’s openwork blouse spring-summer 2019 photo

In the season spring-summer 2019 most popular are the knitted sweaters, made openwork weaving. They have these distinguishing features:

    • For their production using thin cotton thread, sometimes combining and supplementing them with silk ribbons, which gives things an extra sense of romance; knit jackets are often complemented by delicate lining or designed to wear over a light knitted top; often have extended or slightly extended silhouette, although there are also shorter model; create the impression of something light and weightless.

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Women’s fashion blouse with zipper spring-summer 2019 photo

This style has many advantages:

    Practicality plus knitted sweaters with zipper — it has excellent heat qualities, moreover, hides figure flaws; originality — knitted things always look impressive, especially if it is handmade; convenience — zipper quickly unbuttoned and fastened, the presence of the hood, the model adds to the advantages — in such jacket you will be cozy in any weather; versatility — warm women’s jacket with zipper to match with different clothes and suits girls and women of any age.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Available models and some of the nuances that you should know, for example, cardigan with zip, especially with the hood, not suitable for business style. But it would be very useful if you are going on a picnic, a walk, a trip to the countryside, to the cinema, shopping or just for a friendly or family promenade through the city.

Fashionable women’s sports blouses spring-summer 2019 photo

Modern fashionista even in moments of rest and relaxation want to look stylish and attractive. With this purpose in the wardrobe that most girls have at least one sports jacket, which allows you to have chic look and feel comfortable and confident.

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Sports jacket with zipper

Most of the ladies are very popular women’s sports jacket with zipper, which is very easy to put on and take off. In addition, it has other advantages, for example:

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    • Can be tight or loose. Depending on whether or not the fashionista to show others your figure or, on the contrary, would like to hide some flaws, she can choose things of a different cut; this item has superior thermal performance and helps to regulate body temperature, depending on the situation. So, any time it can be opened, or just to remove to feel more comfortable; thanks to the peculiarities combines very well with other items of clothing and various shoes; fits all beautiful ladies, regardless of age and social status.

Sports jacket-bomber

Some designers consider this sports jacket jacket, because in the offseason it is very convenient to use as outerwear. A distinctive feature of bomber jacket is the presence of tight knit bands at the bottom, on the cuffs and on the collar. Very often such a warm sports jacket with a hood or without decorated with the logos of famous brands or American universities, however, this is not the only way to decorate. So, girls and women popular solid models and options with floral, animal or geometric prints.

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Short sport jackets

Cropped products allow its owner to boast in front of others a flat tummy and slender wasp waist. In addition, this sports jacket skinny flatters the chest, which for many women is a big advantage. These things are usually worn so that visible strip of the naked body, however, some beautiful ladies wearing them on a thin turtleneck or bodysuit.

Модные женские кофточки весна-лето 2019 фото

Sportswear jackets

For those girls who want to demonstrate to others a relief press or incredibly slender waist, fit tight sports jacket that emphasizes the curves of the female body. Some of these models are compression, as they create a certain pressure on the muscles. These products are ideal for active sports, as favourably differ from other items of women’s wardrobe the following characteristics:

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    • Always maintain the muscles in a heated condition; allow the skin to breathe; improves blood circulation; keep the muscles in tone, so the body spends less energy and gets more opportunities for employment.

Sports jacket with hood

Women’s sports jacket with hood – extremely comfortable, practical and functional item. It warms in cool weather, protects from wind and rain and in some cases can replace headgear and outerwear. This product can be worn over the head or have any kind of fasteners: zipper, buttons, snaps, hooks and so on.

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This sweatshirt is perfectly combined with other garments. So, it is possible to wear a t-shirt, t-shirt, shirt or thin turtleneck and feet – comfortable pants or jeans of any style. The resulting image is perfect for both outdoor activities and everyday wear. Especially good in this set will look knitted sports jacket with a hood if you wear it with skinny jeans and complement moccasins made of genuine leather, are incredibly stylish and attractive look.

Women’s fashion long sweater spring-summer 2019 photo

Extra long women’s coats cover buttocks that is why many producers are equal to the tunics. Very often they choose girls with appetizing forms who are ashamed of their bodies and try to hide from prying eyes troubled thighs and buttocks. Meanwhile, women’s long jackets can like slim ladies, as they look very interesting, stylish and attractive.

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Complete with tight jeans or pants, these products will make a bright, casual look where you can go for a walk or meet with friends. If to Supplement this article of clothing a strict business image is based on the classic blouses and slim pencil skirts, you can get a very feminine and elegant look which will be appropriate in almost any situation.