Although I know that nothing will fundamentally change with the turn of the clock at midnight and the entry into a new year, I am still in love with the idea of a fresh start and the elevated feeling of hope it brings with itself. I like clinging to that invigorating  feeling and the set of emotions it comes with.  

After a year of collective uncertainty and anxiety, I am looking forward to a period of calmness accompanied with beautifully channeled inspiration, a period where I will focus more of celebrating small victories, give myself grace, and fill my life with lots of magic that everyday things give.

When it comes to my creative work, at the beginning of a year,  I always have a rough draft of what my blog and designs will be at the start of the year. This winter I want it to make it a wonderland. 

I’ve worked hard these couple of months towards achieving that and I can hint a lot of designs inspired by the outlander / highlander style with a dash of mori and a sprinkle of vintage.

What is your driving mode? Have you made any new year’s resolutions?