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This Italian-French restaurant renovation was recently completed by Arqmov Workshop. The 2260-square-foot venue sits inside a neoclassical building on East 64th Street in New York.. It’s home to Ristorante Altesi, a lunch and dinner spot with an outdoor terrace (and a bread and coffee bar).

The space was simplified to the maximum: an open dining area, a simple terrace, and a long bar. Warm tones and subtle lighting make the space feel welcoming. The eye-catching orange chairs spice it up. But the central piece? It’s definitely the wine walls — they’re cellar-like and the darkness of the round bottle cavities adds a striking geometry against the light wood. The bar is darker wood, the floors marble, the ceiling palladium. The terrace features natural wood paneling, which complements the adjoining brick wall, and a small vertical garden.

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What do you think of this wine wall? Fit for for a home, or best left for a restaurant?

[Photos and information provided by Arqmov Workshop]

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