The weather being heavy and scorching hot with obvious intentions to throw tantrums in the shape of thunderstorms, I decided to make this white wine spritz that is just perfect to cool off with in hot summer nights.
And there is another reason for this. You see, today is my 46th birthday so I wanted to make this easy and refreshing drinks for the family.
You need:
* 2 bottles (0.75l) of semi- dry white wine
(I used local wine – Alexandria (Riesling) by Tikves)
* 1 bottle (1.5l) of Schweppes Bitter Lemon
(I have also used Schweppes Tonic or Sprite in several occasions and you won’t be wrong whatever you choose)
* 2-3 medium size nectarines (or per preference)
* ice cubes
Pour the wine and the Schweppes into a large bowl. Cut the nectarines into small slices / chunks and together with a handful or two of ice cubes, put them into the mixed wine.
You can serve this with a plate of hard yellow cheese and crackers along with some dried cranberries and sultanas. 


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