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simple Easter table setting

Spring is here!  And it’s nearly Easter.  Unlike Easter 2020, this year we can meet a very small group of friends so I’ve been putting together my simple Easter table setting for when they come over.

I like to keep my table decor very simple because who needs extra stress when entertaining especially when you haven’t had anyone over for months and months.  There are occasions where I’ll DIY bits and pieces in advance if I have time to plan ahead.  But when I don’t like right now, I’ll just gather stuff from around my house and garden and start putting it together.

This Easter I decided on a white on white theme.  The thing I love about a tone on tone theme is everything goes together without having to try too hard. I chose white for two reasons – it signifies a fresh start or a new beginning which is what spring is about and I think we’re all waiting for that after the year we’ve had. On a more practical note, most of us have white plates, tablecloths and other white bits and pieces at home so it’s easy to pull this look together.

I will add that while it did work and looks good in real life, it was an absolute pain to shoot white on white – so forgive the photos but you’ll still get a good idea of the look.

white table decor for spring

A simple Easter table setting in white tones

As everything was white with a bit of textured glass, I decided to add in some quails eggs to my decor.  Quails eggs are beautiful and effortlessly add a subtle bit of pattern to this white table.  If you boil them on the day then they can be eaten too which is my plan.

For the flowers, I simply got some from my magnolia tree in our garden.  You can add pretty much any flowers to this kind of table – either white if you’re sticking with the white theme or if you want a bit of colour, go for it.

White dinner table decor for Easter

Simple white eggs make a great addition to an Easter or spring table.  Here I’ve hard boiled them (can’t have them breaking!) and popped them in to white egg cups.  I made some textured Easter eggs earlier so I used them as part of my table decor too – you can see the one on the left is textured.

When going for a simple white on white or any tone on tone table theme, adding texture is the key so that the table doesn’t look flat and boring.  I’ve added texture through various things like the linen tablecloth (it’s not ironed as I love the natural crushed look of linen and I hate ironing) and by using textured glass containers.

No matter what the season, I love adding candles to my dining table decor.  And using tall candles adds height to a table without obstructing your view of the person opposite.  I have a real bugbear about big centrepieces that may look great but block your view of the person opposite you.  As we’re only going to be six of us at Easter, I haven’t used many tall candles but for a bigger gathering I’d use more at different heights.  I’ve also added some tea lights in to the mix – I’ve removed their foil casings as they look prettier when they’re bare.

simple spring table setting

how to decorate your Easter table

quails eggs table decor

With my table decor, I like to mix it up with a more casual look sometimes and a more finished look at other times. This time I wanted a very casual feel so I didn’t bother with fancy cutlery or plates or anything like that. The main idea behind this table is that it’s relaxed, easy to pull together quickly using whatever whites you have at home.

Are you having an Easter get together?

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