The living room of this beautiful Swedish home is bright and white, enhanced by the light wooden flooring and the contrasting black accents in the furniture. This apartment has two dining tables, one in the living room and one in the kitchen, both in front of a large window, which would make it hard to pick where I would have my coffee in the morning.

The kitchen has a minimal shaker look and I love the match between the grey cabinets and the warm grey color on the kitchen walls. The turn of the century doors and windows really stand out against this wall color and I love the way the small wallpapered office space comes peeking through. I think this wallpaper really makes a statement and adds character to this home.

The bedroom is painted in a cooler grey, which is warmed up with the dark, dusty pink duvet covers and the beautiful Japanese rice paper pendant. The TV on the wall is nicely integrated into an art wall, which makes it less visible.

via Entrance Makleri


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