It isn’t easy to imagine a design of a contemporary single-family house without precisely matched architectural elements of the exterior. The purchase of the right garage door is the perfect way to increase the functionality and attractiveness of the building. Modern structures, as a rule, are equipped with innovative opening and closing mechanisms that increase the comfort of use. Buying a gate is an investment for years, so it should be well thought out.

What should we consider when choosing one of the most visible elements of the house facade?

In this article, you will learn, among others:

  • How rolling shutters work
  • What determines the size of the garage door 
  • How much are garage doors 

Types of garage doors

There is a wide selection of structures on the Polish market that can be easily adapted to the width or height of the entrance opening and the shape of the building. High-quality gates are equipped with springs made of durable materials, a sliding mechanism and stable guides. They are easy to use and easy to install. They can be dominated by remote control or a particular application. Modern gates will prove helpful, among others, in intelligent single-family houses and segments of multi-family buildings. The manufacturers’ offer includes models that differ in the way of opening and construction.

Overhead (plate) gates

Constructions of this type are invariably prevalent. The tilting entrance gate can be mounted on the frames mounted on the garage walls. Its lower part extends outwards and hides under the ceiling. Thus, more space will be needed both outside and inside the garage. The freedom to open the up-and-over door is provided by about one meter of free space in front of the entrance. Its undoubted advantages include not only the price but also the possibility of manual or automatic operation. If the driveway is small, it is worth choosing other structures.

Sectional doors (sectional)

They will undoubtedly prove themselves in garages facing the street. When opening and closing sectional garage doors, we do not have to worry about freedom in operating. They are certainly worth installing in heated garages. These structures consist of several segments secured with gaskets and connected with hinges. Many of them have double seals in the bottom panel with a thickness of 40 mm. Steel sectional structures filled with heat-insulating foam, which make up the door leaf, deserve a special mention. By choosing a sealing system around the perimeter, we can count on protection against cold and noise.

Rolling gates

They are made of interconnected profiles and are also called shutter profiles. They work in a comparable way to window blinds. For this reason, they take up little space and are very convenient to use. Most of them can be purchased with an electric drive. They are eagerly chosen by homeowners who have difficulty finding more space and space in front of the garage. They are perfect for small rooms. When opening the rolling gate, the panels are rolled up on the cassette shaft attached to the lintel.

Swing gates

They are most often found in the double-leaf variant. Such doors can be modernized and modernized in many ways – for example, and an electric drive can be installed. They usually open sideways. The method of spreading the wings is similar to opening the door. Modern constructions are based on thermally insulated profiles. Thanks to the filling in the form of 40 mm thick panels and insulation with polyurethane foam, they provide a high level of thermal insulation. The operation of the double-leaf garage door can be fully automated and can be done using a remote control. Pull-open constructions come in many colour variants (RAL colour palette or wood-like veneers).

What to look for when picking a garage door?

The market offer is so rich that everyone will find something for themselves. When choosing a garage door, you should take a closer look at the thermal insulation parameters. Seals around the perimeter minimize heat loss from the house and provide thermal comfort inside the garage. Thus, they have a positive effect on the thermal insulation of the entire door. Anti-burglary security will give a greater sense of security. In addition to the functional properties, it is also worth paying attention to the door’s aesthetic values ​​and weight.

It is also essential to be adapted to the size or equipped with an automatic control mechanism. Convenient and functional garage door drives should be selected according to the size and weight of the entire structure. The body from which it is made is also essential. The most popular are steel, wood and aluminium structures.

Gate dimensions

First of all, pay special attention to the size and shape of the driveway. If it is short and narrow, it is best to opt for segmented or roller shutter models. Structures of this type do not need any additional space because they float straight up. Before buying a gate, it is worth carefully checking the dimensions of the garage entrance. The height, width and amount of space left to the ceiling and walls are essential. It is best to make a sketch that we will present at the point of sale.

The selection of the appropriate size is the task of the company’s representative specializing in the production of garage doors. Structures with a height of 200-360 cm are the most popular. Many of them will provide free entry even to an off-road vehicle. For car models with a roof rack, a height of about 240 cm will work well. The most popular are gates with a single width up to 250 cm and a double width of 400-500 cm.

Material of execution

The owners of houses with a rustic appearance will like wooden structures. Gates in the shade of bleached or dark oak are very popular. The great advantage of wooden frames is not only the beautiful and original appearance. The wood can be cut to any size or shape. Wooden gates are solidly constructed, more environmentally friendly and give the entire facade a unique character.

Steel structures are especially suitable for modern single-family and multi-family houses. Steel gates are relatively inexpensive, durable and resistant to weather conditions. In addition, they do not require any care or maintenance. They are available in many designs and colours to be easily adapted to the appearance of the building.

Opening and control system

Currently, the overhead sectional doors, which take up little space, enjoy the most outstanding recognition. In such constructions, the sash does not extend beyond the outline of the usable space, which increases the comfort when using the garage. A wireless remote control usually controls modern models. Some of them are equipped with a fingerprint reader or a GSM remote control module – compatible with a smartphone.

Examples of prices for garage doors

The purchase cost is influenced by several factors, such as the type of material, the size of the door, the method of closing, and accessories. Steel gates are usually cheaper than those made of more elegant wood. The type of control system and dimensions of the entire structure have a significant impact on the price. We have to take into account a more considerable expense when we want thermal insulation and anti-burglary protection.

Steel tilting models are cheap, and you can buy them for around 177.37-228.04 USD. You have to pay a little more for tilted structures. The cost of purchasing such a gate ranges from USD 253.38-304.06. Segmental models are up to three times more expensive and are currently the most popular among owners of modern homes. For a good-quality steel gate, we have to pay about 760.14 USD. You have to pay much more for wooden models.

Which garage door to choose from?

Much depends on individual expectations and preferences. For some people, the priority is functionality; for others, the appearance or colour of the structure. Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the applicable European standards related to safety during operation. The fire resistance and smoke tightness properties are of great importance.

Sectional doors that do not protrude beyond the usable area will be the best solution for short ramps. If outdoor space is abundant, we can choose to install tilting structures. When choosing the right gate, an old but very up-to-date rule applies. It is about saying that sometimes it is better to pay more than to invest in the same product quickly. Good-quality constructions ensure trouble-free and comfortable service for many years.

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