Garage is one of the most important place in a house, and perhaps everybody already know why. Besides keeping your cars there, garages are great to store tools, building materials and extra stuff like tires and bikes. You can also add a small workshop in the back too, depending on how much space you have.

Garage space should be well optimized in order to make sure that you could find plenty of space to move around and manage store equipment. This way you can go for the things easily without messing and searching around. One possible answer to the storage problems of every garage is to have a proper garage storage shelves. But in this post, you can find them in more interesting look. Take a look at 13 garage storage shelves ideas we’ve collected, just for you!

1. This idea of pallet wood shelves is good to store many of your tools especially ones with a little big size. As you can see this idea provides a larger space horizontally.

Garage Storage Shelves 1
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2. Or if you don’t want to make your small garage look smaller with a lot of shelves, you can try this idea of white hanging garage storage shelves. Sure it will save a lot of space under and look even more stylish with the shape and color.

Garage Storage Shelves 2
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3. This idea of garage storage shelf is also good if you don’t have a lot of space to put a big shelf in your garage. With the attached shelf, anything is possible.

Garage Storage Shelves 3
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4. Or you can try this racking with black metal rack and plastic storage inside. The color combination makes the look of your garage will be surely more attractive.

Garage Storage Shelves 4
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5. If you want to have them in wooden color and look, you might love to adopt this idea of wooden cabinets and shelves as your garage storage. Take a look at the picture below and have some inspirations.

Garage Storage Shelves 5
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6. This white racking seem so stylish and functional. Apply to your garage. Whether your garage is already painted in white or dark color, this white garage storage shelves will always look stunning.

Garage Storage Shelves 6
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7. And you might love to try this unique hanging garage storage shelf. With wooden pallet and metal chain as the hanger, it will make a natural ambiance for your garage.

Garage Storage Shelves 7
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8. Floating shelves are always interesting But for garage storage? They can be more attractive, too! Check out the inspiration from the picture below.

Garage Storage Shelves 8
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9. Here is the white color version of garage storage with shelves and cabinets. Of course the benefit you can get is the look of your garage that will be tidier that the common garage shelves.

Garage Storage Shelves 9
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10. This black and gray colored garage storage shelves and cabinets is one of the best idea you can adopt if you need a bold and elegant look for a garage.

Garage Storage Shelves 10
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11. Or you can also have them in this idea of L-shaped wood garage storage shelves. A very efficient shape if you have a lot of goods stored in your garage.

Garage Storage Shelves 12
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12. These gray shelves and cabinets are also the eye catching and tidy items you can have for your garage. Make it all clean and stylish!

Garage Storage Shelves 13
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13. Or you only want a simple racking for your garage storage? That’s okay as long as you can play with the color of it. Look at the picture below to have some inspiration for your garage storage shelves’ color.

Garage Storage Shelves 14
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Garages also make the house more valuable and worth more. So if you have any plan to sell your property, garage will be one of the valuable spot you can offer to buyers. And who will resist not to have a garage with a good looking and proper garage storage shelves? Maybe hard to say one.

If you are looking for another garage accessories like the door, perhaps, you might love to see our earlier post about faux wood garage door. Hope you enjoyed the post, and thank you for reading!

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