Nowadays our fingers do more of the walking when it comes to shopping rather than our legs. Women even tend to do their window shopping online by just gawking wishfully at the huge collections that most sites seem to offer. It is not therefore a surprise at all, that one tends to do their bargain shopping online. It only makes sense to make the most of the largesse of all these online websites where instant gratification is just a click or two away. Though instant gratification would be stretching the truth too far because though the purchase is a matter of a few clicks, the delivery of what you want takes some time and the time it takes depends on the site you go to. This article is going to be an eye opener on what happens when you order economical clothing from a Singapore based site, which doesn’t have many customer reviews on it. In any case, we suggest that you go through the absolute guide to accurately measure your body for best tailored experience as well as the readymade experience.


This is because the world over, sizes are not standardized. What is small in some places maybe a medium size elsewhere or an extra-large in some brands could mean medium in others. To confuse all these measurements and sizes, you also have another concept called vanity sizing making the whole scenario even more murky. It is not like you are going to walk into a store to buy pretty polyester dresses that are easy to wear and care for. Add to this confusion, another factor if you are on the curvy side which is something that most dress manufacturers and designers have decided to ignore. That is why we would suggest that you go through a few things all curvy ladies should remember while shopping for clothing.

This experience that we happened to mention earlier is based on the fact that the site we are talking about, which is based in Singapore that seemed to offer clothing that was too good to be true. Some of the factors that could go wrong here could include:


The clothing doesn’t just hang right: Sometimes the dress or top or garment could fit you no doubt but could have such a bad fit that you may want to throw it out. The buttons and lapels could pull apart when you move around. The garment could bunch where it is not supposed to and pull when it is supposed to hang right.


The seams are clumsy: The stitching of such clothing could leave a lot to be desired with the seams coming apart and the hip or waist area sagging or the neck is not as deep or as neatly curved as you want to. It could also happen that the dress could rip at the most inopportune moment leaving you with a wardrobe malfunction.


There are holes and threads hanging everywhere: Threads hanging everywhere and holes appearing in the fabric where they are not supposed to and zippers not working are some of the mishaps that could occur.


The clothing does not take your curves into consideration: Many clothing produced on such sites seem to believe that their clothing is supposed to be worn by a woman without breasts or hips at all. The size fits but there is no room for curves.


It is more suited to your young daughter: Yes, you can always hand over the clothing you purchase from such sites to your daughter after putting it to order of course. And don’t be surprised if she rocks the clothing and asks for more.


Of course, if the site is named something weird like Nastyclothing, that should be a clue for you right there. Maybe they are trying to tell you that the clothing that you get from there is something that would suit a flat chested girl (girl size 10/12) who is less than four feet tall.

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