November NightstandI feel like I just wrote October’s post for this series, but here we are again! What I’m reading now! More realistically though, what I picked up and have just barely started but am really excited about. Anyone else have a hard time trying to find downtime during these last months of the year? If not, come and read these books to me because I’m busy and want to finish already! Speaking of Busy (ba dum tss), on to the books!!

This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Philipps– admittedly I picked this one up because I just think Busy seems like a downright fun and magical being, but the writing is so damn good and honest.

Get it Together by Orlando Soria– I cant even explain how much I geeked out when I saw Orlando’s book next to mine on a shelf here in NYC (thank you ABC order). This is possibly my favorite book of the year. Pick up tissues with this one because you’re going to laugh cry a few times for sure.


PS There are some GOOD book giveaways coming your way soon– stay tuned! And a fun side note to the books for this month, I also finally found the perfect frame for the photobooth picture Ryan and I took on our first date The timing for the machine was all off and didn’t even take a fourth frame, but it’s my favorite photo ever.

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