Many artisans and amateurs prefer to make furniture out of wood. What is the secret of the popularity of this material? A skillful person with some knowledge and a set of tools can easily make original interior items from a slab or a bar that will decorate any house, dacha, or gazebo. Natural materials look appropriate here. It is essential to follow the rules for creating products.

Why choose natural Wood 

1. Durability

The wood is durable and resistant to various types of damage. The main thing is an intelligent processing technology. Furniture made of solid wood will last at least 50 years, and with proper care, much longer.

2. Attractive appearance. Products made from such material look beautiful, attract the eye, create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

3. Naturalness. Unlike plastics, chipboard, and others, wood does not emit harmful substances but enriches and purifies the air with resins of natural origin. Some wood species release phytoncides into the atmosphere, helping to fight harmful microorganisms.

4. Ergonomic. Furniture items are made from slabs and beams, taking into account the characteristics of a person’s constitution.

5. Ease of repair. Most of the operations are performed at a minimal cost.

6. Variety of finishes. Only hand-made furniture embodies the dreams of the master, guarantees an original appearance.

7. Exclusivity. Things made according to individual design projects cannot be found with friends and neighbors. 

Variety of materials 

Traditionally, wood panels are used, made of solid wood, or glued. They are obtained by pressing thin sheets together. Shields are convenient for the manufacture of cabinets, kitchen nooks, shelves, tables, and other large items, as they allow you to cut and cut large parts. You can use less familiar options for the environment. For example, make interior elements from slabs, slats, and boards. This will emphasize the originality of the furniture tandem. For instance, timber benches are ideal for a garden gazebo. 

Tree species

Wood is divided into hard and softwood. The first category includes oak, beech, apple, elm, sycamore – they are used to make load-bearing structures, frames, and other elements under heavy load.

Decorative elements and ornaments with a beautiful texture are obtained from willow, pine, cedar, poplar, alder, and other softwoods. This type is easy to process; plastic, facades, shelves, and other parts not designed for high loads are made from it. 

  • Pine is one of the most modern materials, belongs to soft breeds, unstable to mechanical damage of great force. Finds application in the manufacture of decor. Cabinets or shelves for gazebos are made from it. Looks appropriate in the form of accessories. 
  • Birch 

It is soft and inconsistent, yet surprisingly attractive, especially after being painted. Suitable for creating interior items that will not be heavily loaded, for example, for coffee tables.

  • The following products are made from willow: chairs, armchairs, bedside tables, baskets. Looks original and unusual, suitable for home and garden decoration. 
  • Oak is a challenging species. It is used for the production of large-sized furnishings: wardrobes, beds, dressers. Oak is easy to process, has high moisture resistance, does not rot, and is unattractive to insects despite its hardness. Products from this type of wood are obtained “age-old” serve more than one generation. 
  • Beech is similar to oak but loses a little in moisture resistance even after painting; therefore, it is not used in rooms with high humidity. It is undesirable to keep it outdoors.

Several Ideas

Where to put the manufactured furniture? First of all, it is placed in the country, less often in apartments. In the second case, it is appropriate to use less coarse materials, for example, willow, vines, rattan.

Chairs woven from willow make the atmosphere sophisticated and cozy. With the help of rails, you can fasten the parts and design the product itself in an original way. Interior items made of the slab, after appropriate painting, create the atmosphere of antiquity. Read the article: ” Antique wood processing. “

Choosing raw materials

For the furniture to last a long time, it is necessary to use high-quality materials. Of course, the ideal option is to independently follow all the stages from the log house to the sale. Unfortunately, this is not possible. We offer several proven methods that will help determine the quality of wood: 

  • a small number of knots indicates the quality of the material; 
  • the first or zero categories of raw materials is the best indicator for further manipulations; 
  • the density of tree rings is equal to the strength of the board, which is especially important for conifers; 
  • proper drying is the key to the durability of the furniture.

Wood with parallel annual layers is stronger. It does not shrink, does not crack, and has a long service life. It is convenient to make both complex and straightforward elements from it. The material affected by the fungus is not suitable for the production of products. Problems will be visible on the cut. If their color is uneven or bright, then such boards should not be taken. When combining several breeds in one product, their structure should be taken into account. If it is similar, then drying will occur evenly. 

Thematic material :

It’s critical to decide on the texture and texture ahead of time. If a smooth surface is needed, use birch, linden, or beech. More relief species – oak, brushed pine, ash, and walnut. In catalogs, there are photos of these indicators of wood after processing or painting, which will also facilitate the choice.

Manufacturing steps

Assembling your furniture requires various tools, the fitting room, and the right technology. 

1. Project creation. It is necessary to decide whether the furniture is intended for the pavilion or the house, where it will be placed, what it is made of: slab, timber, slats, solid wood. The idea is embodied on paper. 

2. Markup. Drawings are now transferred to the material. 

3. Sawing. 

4. Treatment with special impregnations that will protect the tree’s structure from moisture, the influence of the atmosphere, and insects. 

5. Coating with varnish or paint. 

6. Assembly. Parts are connected using laths, glue, dowels, and other technology can be used. 

It doesn’t matter what furniture and decor items are made of willow, slab, timber, planks, or slats.

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