I’ve written a few posts over the last year about how to stay creative when you’re busy and/or have a baby. Today I want to talk about what to do when you feel your creativity and inspiration has left the building. I personally find this time of year really hard on my creativity – lack of light, frequent colds and a general sense of ‘meh’ does nothing to inspire me to start any new projects. I’ve been taking a new approach this year,  being kinder to myself and not trying to push ideas out for the sake of it. Here are a few tips that I’m finding really helpful…

Firstly, don’t panic – you’ve had ideas before and you’ll have them again, so don’t worry. A lack of ideas often means you need a rest, listen to your body and take it easy. A garden isn’t always blooming. 

Have a sort out – I know when there are piles of stuff and personal admin to attend to I can’t think of anything great to create. I’ve been slowing working through my piles of accumulated things and feeling much more inspired when each one disappears. I’m always so much more inspired when my craft room is clear and I often find tidy up makes old materials resurface which generates an idea or two. 

Get outside – I’ve made it a rule to get outside any day the sunshines. Now I’m at home with Stanley we go to the beach or into the garden. When I was office bound I’d invent an errand and get outside for a while. A dose of sun does so much for the winter blues and you never know what you’re going to see. 

Do something completely different – I have a pending item on my to do list of “blog post ideas” instead of forcing myself to sit down and try and come up with some half hearted DIY’s i’m ignoring it and tending to my seedlings. By doing something completely unrelated my mind can wander to new ideas, sometimes you need some space from what you want to do (if you’re not as seedling obsessed as I seem to be you could bake, run, nap instead!). 

Don’t get caught up in other peoples goals – The internet seems to be awash with goals and positive/aggressive memes about pursuing your dreams. Personally I find these totally counter productive and am left feeling a bit empty – “what if I’m not pursing my dream today and just doing the washing – am I failing?” I keep re-reading this article, it makes me feel much better.  

Take a class – I taught a jewellery making class on Saturday and although I didn’t feel like if I’m honest (there are some personal things going on and I had a cold) it was the best thing I could have done. Talking to new people , sharing ideas and getting out the house sparked loads of new ideas (beware new jewellery posts could be coming…). You might not be in a position to teach but you could organise a crafternoon or take a workshop just for fun doing something different and meeting people is always a good idea.  I’m teaching beautiful bracelets on Thursday if you’re free.