There are some style and fashion options that keep coming back and tassels on clothing seems to be one of them. You will see tassels making an appearance not only on clothing and apparel but also unlikely places like the furniture and drapes. It is a fact that there is something so cute and charming about tassels that one is willing to have them on even if having them on means a bit of extra effort to maintain the dress or furnishing in question. You will find that the use of tassels will definitely be part the colorful Indian fashion trends to follow as the Indian subcontinent does show a marked preference for color, vibrancy and these little extra touches. We mean this not as a generalization but as something that has been observed a lot.




But the use of tassels to make a dress more charming is not just restricted to the Indian subcontinent, as you will see them making an appearance in many bohemian fashion trends. Do consider that absolutely feminine and delicate eyelash lace dresses are actually tassel dresses of a sort when you think about it. in fact, a bit of tassels used in dresses is a good way to make things lively. A top with tassels should be part of the different types of tops every woman must know about as it can make her look playful and attractive at the same time.




You may wonder what role does a tassel play especially dresses and other forms of clothing. It is a legitimate thought and one that would be based on the assumption that one has to be careful when wearing tassels and in their care as well. But while tassels seem somehow more trouble than the care they require, you have to consider the value they bring.




First and foremost, tassels are an easy way to add a tiny bit of length to a dress, skirt or scarf without making it too fabric heavy. You have to admit that tassel dresses do look more festive and cheery than those without them.




They also play the role of drawing the eye towards them and this can make a strategically designed tassel dress very valuable indeed. Like for instance, you are very conscious about how much of your bosom or waist is being exposed in a particular style but the addition of tassels can be a good way to make a person feel less conscious about it.




A tassel dress tends to play peekaboo with the eyes of the onlooker and this can be a good way to display some skin but without being too obvious about it. It tends to make a dress more interesting and fun to wear.




The question or doubt that you may have here is why tassels to play peekaboo why not a direct slit or something? Well, the reason that a tassel dress wins in this instance because it tends to be a playful rather than a blatant choice, which makes the wearer feel less conscious.




Tassels can not only be added to dresses but as we mentioned earlier to accessories as well. In fact, if you look at bohemian styles and trends, then you will realize that the use of tassels was made generously in jewelry, shoes and bags to ensure that the ensemble looked complete.




As we said earlier, the one downside of tassels is that they tend to snag in many things and have the tendency to fall or become distorted. But this problem can be mitigated easily by being careful about how you move around.

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