What Is Minimalist Style And 38 Inspiring Ideas

Minimalism is not just a decor style, it’s a style of living that has conquered the world. A minimal amount of things, refined yet simple food, only necessary things and nothing excessive – that arises a zen state and makes your mind clear. If we speak about decor and design, minimalism is about that less is more, it’s about eliminating everything you don’t need and keeping only the essentials.
Minimalist decor style has a number of advantages, for example, a minimalist room is an uncluttered, clean room with much negative space that is relaxing and calming. Streamlined furniture also gives you more space increasing that negative space, which is essential for a small room. A restraint color palette that is traditional for a minimalist space lets you feel more serene and again more relaxed. Less furniture and accessories will save your budget, too!
Main Elements Of Minimalism
The minimalist approach uses only the essential elements: light, form and beautiful materials, usually in an open plan layout, to create a sense of freedom and relaxation and get more negative space. There is no excessive ornamentation and decoration. Minimalist furniture and accessories focus on functionality and practicality. A monochromatic colour scheme consisting of whites,…

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