Thick and long eyelashes is the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, nature is not with all the generous and «gives» some ladies rare and straight hairs. The modern cosmetic industry is constantly developing new products — mascara with the effect of lengthening or volume, but want to look great everywhere — in the pool and on vacation, and in the sauna. In this case, the aid of popular salon services — Brazilian blowout, chemical staining, laminating, Botox, extensions. How to choose the best from all the above? What is lamination and Botox eyelashes?


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

For a start, it should be noted that Botox, and lamination are regenerating and revitalizing treatments. To determine which is better, it is necessary to draw a brief description.

Botox — the main thrust of the treatment is nourishment and restoration the hair, it helps to improve lashes and give the look of natural expression. The validity of the Botox is about 3 months, the duration of its execution takes no more than 2 hours. The advantage is that after Botox extra care and rehabilitation period the cilia are not required. Procedure is desirable to carry out only the master, the self-restoration of the structure of the hairs with the use of Botox is not recommended. But the negative factor of this miracle procedure is a very high price value.

Laminating — the main task is thickening, imparting brightness and additional bending of the cilia, after the lamination the view becomes open, and visually appealing. The effect of lamination lasts for a couple of months, but the playback of the procedure will not take more than an hour. As with Botox, lamination is recommended to carry out at home, but only in beauty salons and only trusted skilled masters. To make the effect stronger on the cilia, after lamination it is impossible to wash in the first day, and also to use cosmetics (mascara). For the price of the lamination is a bit more economical than Botox, but the cost is still too high.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

Its active restorative qualities of lamination is different from Botox. This procedure is recommended for girls whose lashes require extra recovery. Rejuvenating treatment is recommended after extension or chemical staining of the cilia, it is necessary for girls who often use makeup that destroy the structure of hairs. Adverse environmental factors can also contribute to thinning and weakening hairs, and it helps restore the cilia to regain health, to accelerate their growth and give extra volume.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

What is Botox? The procedure is a unique rehabilitation restoration, the effect of which is achieved after applying to the hair a special composition, which helps to strengthen the follicles. The result of the restoration is strong, long and thick eyelashes that do not get sick, look great, give a view expression, and the mood is positive.

The drugs used for Botox, have a very rich composition:

    keratin restores the structure of damaged hair; panthenol adds volume, lengthens the hair, making them smooth, bright and supple; hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer; collagen helps the cilia to acquire a gentle curve; tocopherol has healing qualities — it nourishes skin and rejuvenates lashes.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

The total duration of the procedure takes a couple of hours, it is performed in three stages:

    Dyeing your hair a customer from the provided palette of shades select the tint. Biowave — the duration of the painting lasts about 10 minutes, then the pigment is removed and applied to the hair coloring composition which does not contain hydrogen peroxide. The duration of the painting — 30 minutes. The application of Botox — a special brush to apply useful and regenerating composition. If necessary the procedure is repeated using 1, 5 months.


The main difference between the procedures in their name, in fact, the lamination is proposed to conduct in those cases, and Botox. The procedure is designed for «reanimation» of weak and «sick» cilia, she gives the look and appeal of elegance.

In the following video You can see the procedure of Botox for eyelashes:


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

The main active component of the lamination is keratin. This component, included in the structure of hair, skin and nails, when applied to the lashes makes them smooth, supple, thick and expressive.

The effect is bright, healthy and curly lashes, fresh and open view, good mood.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

The procedure should be performed only in specialized salons and preferably by the hands of professional craftsmen. On eyelashes apply a special restorative composition, which creates a kind of film. At the same time, the inner structure of the hairs in no way affected, restoring the part is distributed only on the surface hairs.

Lamination is recommended for:

    use of contact lenses; allergic reactions to cosmetics; direct and light cilia.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

The main goal of both procedures is the recovery and reconstruction of damaged structure of hair. To compare the results of the procedures can be in the photo. To use the effect of lamination or Botox recommended for girls who dream to look amazing, have expressive eyes, elegant eyelashes, without any contraindications to wear contact lenses.

Cilia that have passed the procedure of recovery and restoration allow you to use the pool, sauna or steam bath. You can use mascara, tanning in the sun, use your favorite tool for removing makeup and even sleep in his favorite position, that is, «face to pillow» and not be afraid for the morning to Wake up «not in shape».

Great dignity and laminating, and Botox is that the girls no longer need everyday to apply makeup — even without the use of mascara eyelashes are bright, thick, long and attractive.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

The main difference between the lamination and Botox in different effects on cilia.

    When lamination is created on the surface of the hairs keratin layer, which contributes to their thickening, but does not allow nutrients to get inside the structure. Of course, the procedure can be admired for its results, but it should be noted that after some time, the cilia begin to «droop», to dry and wilt. The advantage of Botox is its pure and, respectively, and Wellness result. Despite the impressive special effect after Botox is possible, cilia begin in a natural way to grow and thicken.


Что такое ламинирование и ботокс ресниц

Both procedures have a number of contraindications and medical restrictions:

    Allergy to components of preparations. Before Botox or laminating it is important to conduct TES sensitivity. If the reaction is positive — use the services is strictly prohibited. Surgery on eyes or injury to the eye. Beauty salon one can visit only after the approval of the optometrist. Inflammation of the eye (barley, keratitis, conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, etc.). Before visiting the beauty salon requires a full cure of the infection. Increased tears. If the client will be much to her eyes, there is a risk of contact to the mucous that is strictly contraindicated. Hormonal imbalance (pregnancy, nursing, hormonal contraceptives, or medicines, menopause, menstruation). At the time of hormonal imbalance in the body the effect of any cosmetic procedure can be unpredictable.

Laminating and rejuvenating Botox eyelashes is the most popular procedure. The divergence in modern salon procedures obviously, depending on what the purpose of girl — to restore the structure of cilia or to make the look expressive, it is necessary to make the appropriate choice.