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This month we’re looking at why we love making things! What makes us makers? We’ve asked some of our LoveCrochet and LoveKnitting Flock to tell us what they love about making…

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Was necessity the mother of invention?

Since the dawn of time, we humans have made things. It began, we assume, from necessity – ancient people must have felt the cold in winter, and needed textiles to keep warm. Once they’d got past the sabre-tooth tiger fur chic, they discovered weaving, and yarn making, and then the heady magic that happens when you loop yarn together with a hook or needles. I strongly suspect, that in amongst those early tribes of people, certain individuals discovered that they really loved making things – and that they were really good at it – and these were the people who ended up making clothes and blankets for everybody else. The Makers.

Here at LoveCrochet, we’re makers – but what is it about making that thrills us so much? We don’t need to do it anymore – we can buy sweaters and blankets and scarves – so what drives us? We asked some the members of our Flock, our fabulous group of knitting and crochet bloggers from the LoveCrafts ambassador programme, and this is what they said:

Sue Rawlinson, designer, teacher, maker

“Crochet is my happy place I love to create and I also love to teach. I’ve loved being part of LoveCrochet’s stress awareness campaign. I’ve gained such an insight into how craft especially crochet really helps people cope and work through difficult times. I love sharing my work and daily happenings over on Instagram.”

Explore Sue’s designs as SweetPeaFamily here!


Alicia Maravillas, designer, maker


“For me, to be a crafter is to dream, live and do.
Make dreams come true.
It is to imagine, to feel and to create.
Give voice to thoughts.
Thinking creating and creating thinking.
To be a crafter is to feel what I do.”

Explore Ali’s Instagram here!

Wilma Westernberg, designer, maker


“I love making new things because I can use my creativity to tell stories and inspire others. “

You can find Wilma’s gorgeous patterns on her blog, here – and on Instagram too.

Robin Hunter, designer, maker

“I’m a maker because the challenges make me happy. I love working with the issues of silhouette, fit, colour and the textures of my knitting projects. I love wearing the unique garments I’m able to create. I believe we must continually look for ways to improve in every area of our lives. Being a maker has made me a lifelong learner.”

Explore Robin’s blog here and her Instagram too!

Merion – writer, teacher, maker


“Making something – with crochet or knitting – fills me with joy. I pour love into my makes, and they love me back – just the feel of the yarn in my fingers, and the magic that happens as the fabric evolves. Every day is a school day for me – there’s nothing I love more than learning something new.”

Alice Neal, designer, maker

alice neal

“Making, for me, is the perfect antidote to ‘busyness’ and the many stresses of daily life with a big family; a form of creative meditation. And making something for someone is so personal, so intimate. But I’m also a very selfish maker. I’m always looking to create that perfect garment; something I will never take off. I’m still working on it…”

Explore Alice’s patterns here, and her blog Alice’s Adventures in Knittingland.

What do you love about making?

Tell us all about it in the comments and we’ll write up a blog post to share!

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